Servas di Wadln ;-)

…..*drum beat* My very first blog-entry ever!!

So, yes.. I’ve (successfully) landed in Shanghai- July 14th, 2011- and am resting comfortably on a beautifully old stool in my hotel room, with my legs on the coffee table and my laptop on my laps :).

Some of you insisted I keep you up-to-date with what’s happening over here: I intend doing just that.

So, notes on my first day: After the rather long flight (London- Shanghai, via Zurich) of approximately 15hrs all-together (transfer incl.), I landed at the PuDong Intl. Airport, where I had to wait a further two (2!!) hours to be picked up by a company rep. I was close to loosing it (note the drama) as I could hardly communicate, and all the help I was offered proved useless (1. “You want to buy simcard? You want to buy simcard?” 2. “Need taxi, need taxi?” 3. “You can make call from my phone. What is the number?”) All of which I was asked by airport staff (!!) at least 12 times.. with the 3rd question being the oddest of the bunch.. they were literally begging me to use their phone to make a call… (DODGY!!). Anyway, continuing.. I found a few other “young adults” on the same programme, one of which ended up being my room-mate (asl: 25, f, British): Sarah!

So, after having washed up and taken a nap (individually, of course), we went for the orientation meeting, followed by a visit to a (proper!!) Chinese restaurant for our first Chinese dinner; the food ranging from any-/ and everything from really nice to somewhat weird, including a lot of tofu that naturally looked a sextillion times better (hidden away in a bunch of spices and veg) than it tasted. To sum up what happened after that: Internet (Google is NOT blocked, Youtube is lol *sniff, cry, punch, kick, spit*), I went to bed.

As today’s still relatively young (it’s 1pm right now; time-zone = GMT +8; 7 hours ahead of London/UK right now), I will share today’s events before going to bed. And yes, naturally: Pictures coming up soon! My battery is faulty, so I’ll endeavour to get a new one when leaving for the city centre later today, or probably tmr. xXx


8 Comments Add yours

  1. nin says:

    yinka..thanks for the first update on your exciting life in china. cant wait to hear from you again. love and blessings, n

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      right back ((hug))

  2. mike, dad says:

    seaaas 😀
    oh ich bin der erste der ein kommentar hinterlässt 😛
    hahaha interessante geschichte 😛

    wieso bist du jetzt schon müde vom chinesischem essen?ß ( steht in der sms die du mir geschickt hast)

    anyway.. noch viel spaß in china ^^
    :-* ❤

    everything will work fine with time, its always like that, when somebody comes to a new place, you will get used to everything now. Make chinese friends, so you can be quick to learn the language, GIRLS NOT BOYS OOH! send pictures..

    ok no problem, let us be hearing from your regularly… my email –

    ok byee, God bless

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      oh btw: du warst NICHT der erste :p

  3. HS says:

    have fun in china miss vicky wang. lol

  4. Petite says:

    Well. It’s the 16th today. Where is your update?

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      lol.. sorry! didnt think you were actually hoping (looking/ waiting) for DAILY updates.. hmm..
      but fortunately for you, i’m just about making another entry :p

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