East meets West

Had a great day today!! After my Chinese class which ended at around 2pm, I headed straight to Hengshen Lu, the road/area where “my church” was located. I was quite early, so decided to go to a restaurant and have lunch (pics of my meal to follow lol).. Service started at 4pm (lasting for 1 and 1/2 hrs), after which I got to know a few ppl. An extremely lovely and friendly lady (Pepe- you’ll hear muuuuuch more from here in the days and weeks and months to come lol) introduced herself to me, and concluded we would have dinner together 🙂 To cut a long story short: we spent the entire afternoon/evening together. We had lunch and AUSTRIAN desserts at this amazing restaurants where 95% of its customers (about 5000 ppl today or there about) where Westerners.. The place wasn’t just super beautiful and served great food, it was calming and relaxing too. That place- they call it “walking street”- hosts about 30 or so restaurants from all over the world, two of which are German. It goes without saying that quite a few ppl/couples/families were German. As a matter of fact, the largest expat community in Shanghai (after the Brits)  is the Germans!! Not that it would make any difference *cough cough* it just makes me glad lol.. this is obviously not to say that I, as an Austrian, wish I was German or anything like that, or that I could somehow relate to them *rolling my eyes* I just thought it important to throw in anyway 😉

Shanghai is a beautiful city.. You could actually live here not “knowing” or “feeling” you’re in Asia.. good thing? Judge for yourself.. I had lunch at a “buka” yesterday (for my non-Nigerian readers: “buka” being sthg like a really (!!) authentic local restaurant lol) and the food there was amazing! So, yes.. I am sure I will have an amazing time here.. from the simple (east) to the luxurious (west).. both roads lead to Shanghai!

P.s. Funny enough (and this is for those who read “tourist attraction no.1”) I was told by a class-mate today, that she and her friend (they are both Caucasian) were stopped a few times as well, with ppl wanting to take a picture of them lol.. I guess this just goes to show: Chinese are fascinated by all “races” other than themselves. Even my roomie Sarah (who is half-Chinese, mind you) has had to deal with weird looks.. lol! Time to laugh it off 🙂


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  1. mitchel moyo says:

    heey vicky wsup my skype user name is tmoyozw so jus add me and hope we can chat it was really nice seeing ohh guess i had a fit that sat so didnt go to liverpool until today

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hey Mitch 🙂 I had you on my list already anyway.. sent you a msg so you would find me x

  2. mike says:

    haha.. schon lustig ^^, wie wars in der kriche so? dürfen nur ausländer rein?
    add mich in skype, kA wie ich dich adden kann… femi.michaels…

    schöne grüße von bro friday, er sagt als nächstes erwartet er sich dass du in australien bist 😛

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Lol, might just happen 🙂
      Ok, hab dich geadded.. komm regelmaessig online, damit Mama und Papa mich auch sehen koennen. Sag Mama, dass ich ihr eine Email geschickt hab; sie soll sie sich anschauen.

      Kirche war super.. bummvoll.. aber anscheinend- so wurde es mir gesagt- nicht wirklich voll im Vergleich zu wie viele Leute sonst immer kommen; es sollen recht viele auf Urlaub sein. Aber es war wirklich gut.. im Chor singen nur 2 “Saenger” aber es gibt 5 Instrumentalists (3 Gitarristen- einer von denen ist auch gleichzeitig Saenger lol, 1 Piano, 1 Schlagzeug).. von den 7 Leuten im Chor sind 4 schwarz lol) aber ja, es gibt ein paar Afrikaner in der Kirche (hab ca. 14 gesehen) aber die, mit denen ich kurz geredet hab, waren nicht Nigerianer. Werd mich weiter umschauen. Wie ists in der Kirche so? Wie gehts dem schlimmen Obi? Liebe Gruesse an alle!

      1. mike says:

        aso aso cool…

        ja obi gehts eh gut 😛

        ok mach ich 🙂

  3. nin says:

    sending some sweet filipino love from copenhagen. God bless 🙂

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      smOochies to you too 🙂

  4. olu says:

    Gruess dich gott liebe victoria!!england vermisst dich es regnet naemlich hier den ganzen tag!!! Also komm schnell wieder zurueck!! :)freut mich das du so viel spass in shangai hast vlt findest du ja einen chinesichen husband!!!! 😉
    Wie hast du so schnell ne kirche gefunden??? Hve a blessed week!!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      lol.. wofuer gibts denn GOOGLE!!! Hehe.. Hab einpaar Wochen bevor ich nach Shanghai geflogen bin “churches in Shanghai” auf Google eingegeben, und da sind natueerlich etliche Kirchen aufgekommen :p
      Wie gehts dir so? Und Yejide? Sag, fliegst du diesen Sommer garnicht nach Wien? Pffft!! Das heisst- ganz offensichtlich (!!!)- das du einen Bf hast!! *dropkicks* (–> wird weitergeleitet!!!)
      Und, herst.. wie kommst du bitte auf husband?? Hahahaaha…. (hast aber warscheinlich eh recht :p )

      Brav sein, du Schlimme! x

  5. olu says:

    Lool!! Ich bin mitte august in wien!! Hab dir ja gesagt das mein praktikum im st.anna kinderspital anfang!!! AMEN zu deinem Chinesesischen husband :)!!! Ich geh mich gleich fuer brautjungfer kleider umschauen!!;)
    Was war das oesterreichische dessert?? Musst du schon sagen tztzt!! Yejide gehts gut denk ich mal!! Vergiss mein geschenk nicht!! X take care

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      lol es war kaiserschmarrn!! pffft.. ur dumm.. sie schreiben dazu “traditional GERMAN dessert” und ich bin fast geplatzt.. wie bitte? it is AUSTRIAN!!!! pfffffffft

  6. Nira says:

    Vicky i still didnt see any pictures. I am really interested to see everything! post some NOW 🙂

    i enjoy reading your posts but images help build up the scenery around it.

    Much love,


    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hey SuNsHiNe!! I know, I know.. my camera is not working because the battery kind of leaked.. I need to get a new one.. actually heading to the market now to see whether I can get one for cheap haha.. I’ve been taking pictures with my phone and I cant upload them ’cause I dont have a usb cable lol.. talk about preparation! Anyway, so I’m goin out now to get all that. We’re going on a trip to Suzhou tmr, and I was told it’s really nice there.. so I def have to sort out my camera.

      Oh, Niraaaa.. how have you been?? xXx

  7. malota says:

    This was enjoyable

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hahaha.. thx 🙂
      I’m glad you’re going back to read the posts that were there long before you got to know me 😀

      ..and it reminds me of what a great time I had in China *sob.sob.sob*

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