House of Blues & Jazz

Dear Reader,

I am more than glad to inform you: Tonight was a really lovely night! So, we went to the renowned House of Blues and Jazz for a “Networking Event” and I actually had quite an interesting and relaxing night (minus the Jazz music, if I may add.. we left that bar just a few mins prior to the band’s performance, so we unfortunately got nothing to hear *sob* but we had a chat with one of the musicians- the Caucasian guy on the poster.. he seemed very nice..) Oh- might as well chip this in here now: Some facts about performing bands: They are actually “real” American bands playing at this Jazz bar; they fly them in on 3-month long contracts (and apparently pay them really good money for that lol).. this band has been in town for roughly 2 weeks or so, I think.. and are performing over the coming 6 weeks.. every single evening of the week. Nightlife in Shanghai (so I was told) is BOOMING.. I might, yes I just might have to, go and “see it for myself” :p

Anyway.. going back: So, I had a really nice time at the bar.. Had a chat with a few people- mostly (actually exclusively) American.. exchanged a few business cards and.. yes, think I might have found a new “buddy” as well: Larry (actually Laurence), who’s “African” American, living in New York, and got to Shanghai just 5 days ago.. yup, he’s even “fresher” than mOi!

After leaving the bar, half the team went to the IT Tower on the other side of the river (Pudong) as it was ladies’ night + free glass of champagne (100Rmb entry for guy tho’ lol), while the rest of us- that includes me- went to the famous Hostel Bar right opposite the Blues and Jazz Bar, had a drink there (drink = iced cappuccino for boring me) and an amazing view too (see picture)! Oh, you can actually see the IT Tower the others went to in that pic (tower with flashing blue lights).. And yes, I met one of the choristers at that terrace bar as well.. I recognized her, seeing that not all Chinese ppl- especially women- look the same!!- and went to have a chat with her and her entourage.. nice ppl.. exchange of more business cards lol.. and after that we took taxis home. Just got back and decided to fill you in on how my day went; seeing that my last post spoke about how “bored I was in my hotel room”.. There actually really is A LOT to experience here.. once you get off your lazy butt!

tOodles! 😉

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  1. Redline says:

    Thats more like it… Interesting… lol. and make sure u dont go back to ur speech recognition… and stay with the iced capucino levels ooo. lol.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sounds like fun…i wanna come. need to get this ‘stuff’ sorted and come over…
    tickets are no peanuts sha…kai…it is well. xxx

  3. DeMorrieaux says:

    lol @ both.. i’m trying, i’m trying 🙂
    you are more than welcome to come!!
    there is enuff for all of us to enjoy 😉 x

  4. genius says:

    u keep mentioning “exchanging business cards”… who dash u? lol
    can see u are beginnin to hav fun sha….

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      See dis guy; na my manager dash me! :p

      (Oh, lest I forget:)

      Dearest Genius,

      I hope you’ve had time to think about your meanness and ouright horibble attitude towards me during our last skype “interaction”. I am now ready for your apology.
      Kindly send it to my Chinese postal address that has been forwarded to your inbox.

      Until then,

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