Shaoxing Lu <3

Today was another wonderful day!!

I decided to check out a road in the French Concession, called “Shaoxing Lu” because they apparently had a Vienna Cafe there.. and it’s true! After getting off the metro at Shaanxi Nan Lu, and walking down that street for about 15mins, I finally got there.. It’s a small but cosy Cafe.. visited by a fair number of both locals and expats; with relatively high prices (a bit more expensive than the Austrian equivalent). Anyway, so I got into the Cafe, had a quick chat with the manager of the cafe (a friendly down-to-earth German-speaking lady) and ordered my beloved Kaiserschmarrn, and a Wiener Melange.. keeping it purely Austrian 🙂

After having served me the Melange (the Kaiserschmarrn took well over 30 mins but was worth the wait!!) the lady walked up to me, introduced herself and we had another chat about what we were both doing here, how long we’ve been here and would stay here etc. She told me of a good friend of hers who had moved to Shanghai with her (Feb 2011) but who had decided to move back to Europe (she is German but planning to move to little beautiful Vienna now) because she was tired of having ppl stare at her at all times.. (common tale). Anyway, so she told me of her boyfriend (who’s Saudi Arabian) and her plans of moving to Dubai next, should it all work out well.. On the question whether there were many other Austrians here in Shanghai, I was told that there actually  were quite a few, holding regular meetings, and she’d gladly fwd the email “up-coming events” to me, upon which I – you guessed it- gave her my business card! They are proving super-handy here in China 🙂

Anyway, so.. it took me nothing less than 40mins to finish my delicious dish and walk out of the restaurant (after having taking a few pic, naturally lol). As I walked back to the station, I came across more hustlers asking me “want bag? want watch?” Having dismissed a handful, I thought to myself, “Actually? Why not? After-all, I’ve got loads of time..” and eventually followed one of em to a dodgy store.. I was not disappointed!! I got two bags (see pictures.. the pink/purple one actually being 3 in 1 lol), having haggled the price down from 120 and 90 respectively to roughly 30% of that, the “Laufbursche” followed me to the cash-point, where I was to get the money; at which point I (of course) had changed my mind to paying even less (naughty me).. As I was standing there negotiating, the machine swallowed my card (!!!!!!) and I was even more determined- needless to say- not to pay a dime more. While I walked into the bank to have them get my card out of the machine, the “Laufbursche” kept talking to her “mistress” and after having successfully gotten back my card, I finally got her to agree to me paying the “new” price. I paid, and walked off satisfied! *dancing* 😀

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    ich liebe kaiserschmarrn mit puderzucker wars gut??

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      es war super lecker!!! 😀

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