Around Xujiahui and Hongqiao

Today was quite nice again. After meeting my new manager, I took the metro to Xujiahui- an area I go to quite often because of the lovely restaurants and nice bakeries, and thereafter Hongqiao (Road) where the “group” had a guest lecturer (from one of the world’s biggest Media & PR firms) tell us all about “Running a Business in China” at their Shanghai location.

Anyway, so.. I took quite a few pictures around Xujiahui; and yes, you guessed it: I actually asked a few people to help me take pictures 🙂 as I wanted to appear in them; having had some of you point out my pictures might be copied and pasted, or just simply stolen from the internet lol.. thanks 😉

After having eaten lunch and spent some time there.. wandering about and taking pictures of places I had no business being at, or stores I wasn’t actually permitted to snap (naughty me), I took the metro to Hongqiao Road, where the seminar was being held. It was my first time of walking that metro interchange, and it was well worth taking pictures of (pic: green flashy lights).. having had more than 2 hours to while away before the seminar was to commence (I really didn’t want to go all the way back “home” during my “break”) I came across that Arts/ Sculpture Space right next to the office buildings, and decided to spend some time there. It was really nice. I’m sure you’ll enjoy looking at the pictures. My camera’s battery died half-way through, so the last couple of pics were taking with my phOne. Enjoy!

(Ps: Check out my new page A PIECE OF ME, right next to Home)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. heeeeeey vic (happy now ie my identification)

    Anyway…i wanna come to shanghaiiiii…
    dis food looks lucious..
    i agree with whoever said u shud be in the pictures…makes it more…hmm..shall i say REAL!! loool
    anyway, was gonna call u but realised u’d be asleep.
    London Prayer Challenge tomorrow..yippie…u shud tune in (dunno how but we can sort sthg).
    Anticipate something great.

    Ok…this isnt the platform for family gist so… yea, loving the pics and ur updates.

    Dont forget that bag…yeah…exactly THAT one..(dont try and bribe me with those trousers..oh yea, thanks btw)

    luv uuu xxx

    1. Anonymous says:

      lol.. funny girl.
      i’m sure the prayer challenge’s going to be great.. nimm fotos und schick sie mir!!
      preferably even a video or sthg.

      regarding THAT bag (whichever one u were referring to lol) dont worry.. u’ll get ur own 😉
      tell demdem to reply me!! i’ve sent him 2 txt msgs.. grrrr!!

      and tell irry (irene) to reply to the email too. i sent it to 3 of u.. tzz!

      nagut xxx lerra

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