Dating Do’s & Don’ts

We all know how this works.. or at least have some basic idea. You’ve been invited to a party by a friend, or simply heard of a party and decide to show up (we’ve all done the “mo gbo mo ya” at some point in our life) and meet someone new- more or less interesting- for the first time.

It always starts with the known social pleasantries, continues with common no-brainers (asl) with sex being completely unnecessary- for hopefully obvious reasons- and goes on with the exchange of more basic information (eg. What do you do? Where do you do it? For how long have you done it? etc). All of which are – in my eyes anyway- really irritating questions. Questions we all have gotten tired of hearing, but keep asking anyway..

Then of course, there are those questions that throw you off your feet (in a good and/or bad way).. or questions you simply cannot answer because of their sheer absurdity. Share them! We all have those “weird moment”- memories that have stuck in our minds.. or people we simply cannot get over because of the unique impression they’ve managed to leave behind. Be it their superb and outstanding ability to hold conversations, their impressive French charm, or the pathetic inflation of their egos. There are those individuals we simply cannot get over…

(Wanting to be absolutely fair, the floor is open to both females and males, as I believe (some) guys would have probably been approached by “interesting” ladies during the course of their lifetime too.)

So.. what are YOUR dating do’s and don’ts?! Anything and everything from how not to do it, to how you’d love to have it done. Keep ’em comments rolling.. 😉


7 Comments Add yours

  1. N says:

    weeehhh…interesting question. 😛

  2. N says:

    oh by the way, why write such topic?? am i missing out something in here? 🙂

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      lol Nina, of course you’re not missing out anything (yet) :p but then again.. you couldn’t possibly miss out anything dating-related in my case.. i’d send you a 1000-word email if there finally was some POTENTIAL maybe-could-be-prospect coming into the picture… not to talk of being an “option” hehe 😉

  3. N says:

    weeeh…i cant wait to get that 1000 word email. 😉 When God writes you a love story…

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      amennnnnn *singing.dancing.jubilating* sOon.. *praying.believing* lol

  4. Fran says:

    french charm?
    that’s some specific detail there..

    do’s.. do you!
    don’ts..don’t dull!


    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      french charm.. *sigh* that fantasy is long gone. for more or less obvious reasons- v-e-r-s-c-h-w-u-n-d-e-n *arggh* there goes my dream of an asian-french mixed-race hubby LOL

      But: here we go with the first actual response to my question:

      Do “YOU”. Meaning: Be yourself! Very strong point.

      (Personal note:) We are all aware of the fact that most “potential” relationships fail to make it to the next level, because the “intended” turned out to be someone completely different to what you a) thought he/she was– based on initial contact/conversation [I would do great injustice to humanity to leave out the fact that you- as a somewhat educated individual- are not to make assumptions (based on anything! including family name, background, financial affluence, the location of one’s home, or the (rented?) car the other person drives; the shape of the other, size of “attributes” or even- and yes, many of us have heard this all too often- one’s eyeballs- don’t ask..) anyway], or b) he/she showed him/herself to be (For the purpose of this point, let’s leave out the obvious common deal-breakers such as sheer incompatibility, the H-factor, poor verbal communication skills, controlling and oppressing personality traits, the alpha-male syndrome, the dont-talk-to-anybody-other-than-me complex, the if-i-talk-dont-talk disease, the you-must-pay-for-my-hair-and-clothes-and-take-me-to-paris illness; all of which reveal themselves over time and make a healthy relationship- simply put: impossible). Anyway, Remember A: We all know nobody’s perfect and exempt of character flaws, but a first (couple of) date(s) is/are really not the right place to display them on a platter of gold. This really has nothing to do with pretense, and more with common sense. Bring your positive sides to light, while still remaining true to You. Remember B: With time- as you get to know the other person- you will (or at least should) feel more comfortable around him/her, dropping your protective layers one at a time, thus revealing more of your true self. This is how it works. We are all jewels wrapped inside dirty clothes of pretence, shame, regret, insecurities, privacy and innumerous other inhibitions. No one expects you (neither should anyone feel compelled to) stand (emotionally) naked in front of a stranger. There is a due process to follow; so follow it rightly!

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