What really matters…

There are so many things on my mind right now. Things I wish I could share with you- my faithful “followers” and readers- and with the entire world at large. But for fear of who might read this blog- be it now or in days/weeks/years to come- I sadly refrain.

And no, I am really not talking about life in communist China, Chinese politics, oppression, “freedom of speech” and the likes. I am not talking about people suffering, children scared, or women abused. As a matter of fact, I am not even talking about China or its people at all; I am not talking about Asia and its economy or Thailand’s new female prime minister. Africa, oil and corruption? No, that’s not where I am heading to either. So what is it I’m talking about, you ask? What is the point I am trying to make, you wonder?

What I am talking about is simple, it is basic, it is elementary: yes it is straight forward. What I am talking about is something we all can relate to, none of us can by-pass, and indeed, every human being depends on. What I am referring to is part of life, a fraction of living, and indeed the quotient of existence. It is something that has existed ever since the world began (in various shapes, forms and sizes), is still existent today (to a greater or smaller extent) and must remain forever. It is just as important as life itself, it is something we are born without, and yet cannot live outside of. Just as the Word of God is the traveller’s map, the pilgrim’s staff, the pilot’s compass and the soldier’s sword so this thing I am talking about is half the quintessence of living. There is little point living apart from it- and indeed, one may only succeed in attempting to do so for a limited period, as it is bound to eventually “catch up with one”. It is something I have come to passionately love, wholeheartedly defend, and indeed boldly pronounce. It is so important, it must constantly be proclaimed and re-emphasized to boys, girls, men and women alike. It is the issue of bodily hygiene!

Why one would choose not to shower at least once per day in 36*C weather, I refuse to understand. Why one would be content with brushing one’s teeth for 7seconds in the morning only, I cannot fathom. Why one would do this- and more- to one’s own health, I do not comprehend. “Why be clean when one can be dirty?”  the question is, I guess. (*pulling at my hair*) Maybe I should not take this too personally? Maybe I should “cut ’em some slack” or maybe I should just mind my own business? Yes, maybe; but then again: maybe not! Maybe I should speak my mind, address the issue at hand, and help someone/ppl get over issues that could -if neglected for too long- potentially destroy them? Maybe I could help people live a cleaner, healthier and -for others- more bearable life? But am I really responsible for this? Is it my call to call people’s hygiene (or its absence) to order? I guess it really depends on relationships; and/or dropping subtle hints. But the truth still remains (with all the love I have for you): If you are ignorant as to whether or not you smell and/or can be considered “clean” you are really more than just “ignorant”. If you are not aware of the fact that “just enough” is never enough, you will eventually learn the hard way (this goes for almost all aspects of life); if you think that you can be so obviously dirty and unhygienic and noone notices- I am sorry to say- but you are really only fooling yourself. At the end of the day cleanness cannot and should never depend on anybody having to point it out to you; it should depend solemnly on you! What really matters is that one care enough about oneself to see to such things.

Anyway, moving on to more pleasant things: We went on the Huangpu River Cruise (along The Bund) yesterday; followed by a visit to an antiquity market.

The Huangpu River has become a demarcating line between two Shanghais, west (Puxi) and east (Pudong), past and future. On its western shore, the colonial landmarks of the Bund serve as a reminder of Shanghai’s 19th-century struggle to reclaim a waterfront from the bogs of this river (which originates in nearby Dianshan Hu or Lake Dianshan); on the eastern shore, the steel and glass skyscrapers of the Pudong New Area point to a burgeoning financial empire of the future. (Frommers.com)

I took a few pictures, which are bound to “knock you off your feet” (obviously not lol) but enjoy them anyway.

Remain blessed, highly favoured…. and clean! x

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(P.s: Please do disregard the date/time-stamp; it’s obviously wrong.. I took the battery out and paid little attention to resetting/correcting the date.. apologies)


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  1. darling says:

    Hahahaha.. I know what you mean! I had a friend who only showered when she was getting visitors or had to go for an important appointment.. She could literally stay 3-4 days without showering! It’s disgusting, but there are many people like that. It’s much worse when it’s hot, you know. In winter I could still understand.. but with all the heat and what-not in summer, that’s just gross. But oh well, as long as such ppl are not too close to you, you should be fine 😉 x

    (by the way: more pics of YOU please) 🙂

  2. DeMorrieaux says:

    More pictures? You obviously haven’t been following my posts *dropkicks* there are just about more than enough pictures up.. (should you still disagree: It’s a bit difficult- for obvious reasons- to take pictures of myself that show more than just my head.. a habit I think I have finally successfully broken, seeing how boring it has become (after 7 years lol). Plus, since I hardly ever (only if needs be) hang out in a group, I don’t usually get the chance ask others to take pictures of/for me). Knowing you, this explanation is probably getting too long lol but Ok, I’ll try! x

  3. VICTORIA….sagmal spinnst du..hahahahahaha
    i cant believe this. You actually dedicated time to writing an article about her…lol
    3 Gbosas for you…well written and true words of wisdom.
    I may have to borrow this for sometime in the future..u never know.
    This deserves an international acknowledgment…x

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      ey, its a VERY emotional topic
      a woman’s gotta do, what a woman’s gotta do! lol
      go ahead, feel free, use at pleasure..
      if it helps someone live a cleaner life, Amen
      it’s is A good news 🙂

  4. TEE!!!!!!!! says:

    pinkus, i think u shd tel her to go and wash her bum bum. it is only right that she should have a bath!!!!!!!! i honestly think u should have a talk there may be some serious underlying issues (honestly, depression can take on many forms)
    don’t forget it is ministry.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      LOL… ministry ko, deliverance ni.. BUt truth is: we have not all been called to minister to the same ppl. I have done my own when it comes to “WHOEVER YOU’RE REFERING TO”!!! *dropkicks*
      Next thing you’ll tell me is to go scrubb pessin back.. *mchewwwww*

  5. Mr.Egusi says:

    It’s true ooh! de way some people’s B.O just offend my nostrils…and the worst ones are when they have a coat on and you can still smell them! When they are a metre or more away from you! that is just breaking the laws of nasal-physics!… soap is cheap, Why do ppl still smell in this 2011?! me sef, i dey wonder..

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Chairman Mikoko, I troway salut!!

      As in.. you knowwww!! me sef, i no gerram.. common soap here na 30p.. to shower sef no bi 5mins?? *crying* sum things can simply not be justified… *drops mic*

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