Time.. and why GOD always IS

I have decided to share with you- or whoever it might interest- a short article I wrote some time early this year. Those who know me well would say I spend a lot of time inside my head; constantly thinking, analysing ideas, digesting information, considering patterns, and yes.. forming near-truths. So, during one of my “mental strikes” I thought of the concept of time- and how He relates to it (or not); and decided to write down my complex and somewhat non-linear thoughts. As I have come to understand and accept that my systematic mind often finds it difficult – if not impossible- to give a direct translation of itself and explain itself clearly, I have decided to “simplify” it, thus making my idea more readily understandable for all those without (outside of) my mind.

Somewhere, sometime I read that “time is a physical component. It only exists and is therefore limited to the planet earth” (paraphrased). As outside of it, time is not (what it is- to us- here on earth) it cannot but be limited and restricted to our earthly sphere- everything within our atmosphere, in essence. Time is a dimension of our space (Chuck Mussler, 2008); time and space are part and parcel of each other.

This of course, does not come as a surprise, considering that man has been to the moon and back and has verified scientifically that a minute in space does not pass by as quickly as 60 seconds on planet earth.So: If time then is a formula (rather than a fixed component) within our galaxy, how much more is a minute not 60 seconds outside of it?

Man says present is, the past was, the future will be– because it is what he uses to differentiate between that which has already been, that which is at the very moment, and that which will hopefully one day be. To man the past is a memory and the future a hope; the only thing that really is, is now. Man is restricted and indeed limited to his understanding and movement within the time frame- the span of life; the shortest moment within eternity.

God however, the Omniscient- all knowing, Omnipotent- all powerful, and Omnipresent-ever present One, is not limited to or restricted by- if I may say- our definition and indeed “reality” of time. Just as God is omnipresent- at all places at all times; so is He at all times at all times.

Scriptures can be so abstract and amorphous at times. So I’ll give you some very practical and digestible food for thought: The Word says God knows you from the very beginning. Yes, in fact, even before the foundations of the world did He know you would be born on that faithful morning- or afternoon/evening as the case may be. He knew you thoroughly- that is: in and out and beyond- way before Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, before the Israelites were taken into Egyptian captivity, and before Christ came to die on the cross. In addition to that, did He know you during Adam and Eve’s time in the garden, remembered you during WW1 and WW2 and loved you even while you were alive and yet a sinner! Now, not only did He know about your existence well before you were formed in your mother’s womb, He also knew what your end would be, as He always declares the end from the beginning and essentially does not allow for anything that has not already ended to even begin! To top all this, did He not only know about your entire life before it even started, but also what school you would attend, who your friends would be or not be -and all the reasons that would lead to you making such a decision; when and indeed if you would go to college/university and which higher institution you would attend for what reasons and which you would not even consider. He knew even before you did where your interests would lie- indeed embedded these talents and gifts inside you, and what profession you would dedicate your time to. He was well aware of the fact that people dear to you would suddenly step out of your life and made provision for strength during your period of grief. He knew you would eventually start dating, start exploring your sexual nature, and enter into healthy and/or unhealthy relationships one day. Yes, He was even aware of the fact that you might one day steal, take drugs, hurt your neighbour, maybe break some hearts, and ultimately deny His existence. He knew you would turn your back to Him and seek after earthly pleasures- the very things He created for you to exercise dominion over. But He made allowance for all these and made sure that while you went through these battles in life, there would be a way out. He made sure a loving and caring person full of His love would cross your path and showed you how much you were worth. He made sure His plan was perfect and when all else failed, His loving sacrifice would not!

Yes, despite all the evil man encounters during his pilgrimage on earth, He made sure you existed still just so you could eventually enter into a loving and intimate relationship with Him. Now, remember: that is just You; there are about 6.95 billion people walking the surface of the earth! And whereas not all choose to enter into that loving relationship the Creator intended to enjoy with His creation, He still knows His work in and out; much better than His work could ever know and understand itself. That is what I call awesome!

And to shock you a bit further: He never mixes His creation up! He never calls you by your sister’s name, nor allows you to go through someone else’s battles. He never gives another that which is rightfully yours, nor allows them to take from you that which was appointed for you from the foundations of the earth. He never forgets a promise he makes, never to turn the seasons of life around, and never to come through for His beloved. He never forgets to water the earth or to give the fields the command to bring forth their increase; yet man gives himself to worries. He calls the stars each by their name, has counted the grains of sand on the shores of the earth, and has number every of our hair strands; yet we fear He might have forgotten us. Yes, the angels call us blessed and do not understand why humans are so highly esteemed in the eyes of the Almighty, why He calls us sons and worthy- and rightly so, for who are we? “Who is man that Thou art mindful of them?”

But God is God and He alone is omniscient. The Lord in whom no evil resides speaks righteousness and He speaks it at all times! He speaks it in 2011 just as He did in 1421, in 857 and 1000BC; and yes, even in 2090- should it come. He speaks what He speaks at all times. As He speaks it in 1000BC, so does He speak it in 1001 and 2011; for God never “spoke” nor “said” but always “speaks” and “says”. He is the One who does not change- ever! Change necessitates the alteration, adjustment, or modification from one thing into another; which could either result in progression or regression. God however, as the Ultimate and beyond perfect uncreated Creator, cannot change as He already is the embodiment of utter perfection and completion; there is no adding to or subtracting from Him, His glory, greatness, might and power. He never will be– as that in itself denotes an alteration of that which He is; nor was He ever, as that would indicate Him having changed, God always is.

Oh that man would stop seeing God as himself..


(Olayinka OV Makinwa)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tyo says:

    Hi babe!

    You should post more of your writings on your blog, you know. Maybe not too much, knowing not all of your friends are believers, but I also know you have some very enlightening deep studies many of us (Christians) could gain from. Don’t be shy to share. I’ll be a sure student of your work.

    Love and blessings,

  2. DeMorrieaux says:

    Hey, Jewish American European dreamboy!!

    I’ll think about.. it’s bound to happen sooner or later anyway. I just didn’t think it wise to scare my small audience away with philosophical/ spiritual “jargon” too early. 🙂

    It’s been ages! How’ve you been?
    email..email..email x

  3. Fran says:

    my mind’s spinning..

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      lol *whistling*

      aunty franka.. when did YOU start exaggerating x_X?? haha.. it MUST be the ondo-blood

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