义乌, City of…

Picture shows the entrance to Yiwu's International Trade City, Dictrict A

I just got back from 义乌  and it was absolutely amazing!

“Where or WHAT is 义乌?!” you ask?
– A city in China of course!

Do they have pretty places? I’d say No.
A vibrant night-life? Erm.. I wouldn’t really know.
Do they have nice parks? Can hardly say, as there really wasn’t much green.
Beautiful architecture? Categorically No.

“So, what is it a city of then?!” you want to know?

Yiwu (义乌) nationally – and to a somewhat lesser extent internationally – known for its “small” commodity trade and vibrant free markets, has- due to its gigantic amount of variety and ridiculously low prices- become a haven for tourists and shopperholics. I lie not! I spent 2 days there myself, and must say: Should you ever plan to open a store, trade or purchase goods in bulk, Yiwu is the place to go!! Absolutely everything from hats, hair accessories, jewellery and textiles, to electronic goods, bedding, belts, machinery, and craft- you will find it there! Its many shopping streets, districts, warehouses, malls and markets are bigger and larger, greater and wider, deeper and lengthier than anything you’ve ever seen, imagined, heard of, or dreamt about! Those who know me, know of my ability to exaggerate BUT– believe me when I say this- I am in no wise inflating the truth right now!

I started Day 1 with a stroll through the second floor of District A of the International Trade City; section: Hats.
From point A to point B, it took me (in a straight line, and without entering the stores) 12mins… on one aisle! The Hats section alone consisted of about 35.. I managed about 13 before I decided I had seen enough. Now- mind you- the Hats section occupied only 1/4 of that floor! I spent over 2 hours in it.. Do the maths yourself *sighs*
The Intl Trade City consists of 4 Districts (A, B, C, D) altogether, and has 5 floors. I spent 2 hours on floor 2 (only the Hats section) and about another 1 1/2 on floor 3 (a tiny section of “Shoes/Sandals”).. That floor- needless to say- was much larger, with more than 4000 booths (each store/seller has a booth)!!! My eyes got tired.. and the stores closed; whichever came first, I do not know..

I left that district on a motorbike.. heading to another part of Yiwu (The Exotic Street) where I had dinner at an Arabic restaurant (there are more Arabs than Chinese in Yiwu!! I kid you not! You know you find them, where there is money to be made *wink*), was cheated of my change by a professing ****** who should have known better!! (stone me) but decided to say nothing anyway, and left.. I bought some fake gold (chain and bracelet), some ill-tasting sweetcorn, and then walked through the night market: opening hours being 6pm- 4am!!! Although it was absolutely beautiful, I decided not to stay too long, as I was running low on/out of cash. *sighs*

I got back to my hotel room, slept, woke up the following day- pardon me for stating the obvious- and carried on with my Yiwu sight-seeing tour at the Binwang Market– which consists of 4 District with 5 floors each too! This day, I focused on hair accessories and beads. And oh my, did I find some pretty amazing things! Not wanting to talk more than I have already, enjoy some of the pictures of what I saw and what I got.

Final Note: Visiting Yiwu (should you have a business or be business-minded) will definitely be worth your while! Just make sure to learn some basic Chinese, as it isn’t all that international just yet! 😉

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic….OMG, i need to come over!!!
    I want that woven hat and scarf in red =(
    but seriously…this is really good.
    Did you check out anything beneficial for HisBride (eg hersteller und so)??
    Let me know. We might have to come back together so make sure you learn
    Mandarin or Kantonese or whatever it is they speak there..lol

    Anyway, i’m done now…hooray…soo happy.
    We need to plan something for the 28th Sept. Any idead?!

    much love,

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hey shO,

      Yup- they have a HUGE cosmetics section too!
      I know where it is, but I couldn’t go there, as I was running out of cash and couldn’t afford yet another taxi ride.. same goes for some more stuff I wanted to check out for mom.
      BUT the good news is: they really do have everything. Cosmetics and make-up is a HUGE section, spanning over 2 floors.. so you are bound to find all you need there.
      The only “down-side” you’d really have to order in bulk (bulk being at least 1000pieces of anything/item/product) but that won’t be a problem (lagbara Jesu).
      As for the woven hat/scarf- you should be able to purchase that at Heritage- Vienna, Austria!! lol


  2. Nira says:

    Wow it must have been your place to be. i hope you have enough place to carry everything home 🙂 the next time i see you you will have a whole new wardrobe!
    Those yellow warm shoes are soo cute, did you get them?

    2 days must have been enough just to get a view of the place.
    i knew you would get those kind of wallets, now you can throw your purple one away.

    are you counting the days? you have 17 left!

    i read you email and all i can say is THANK YOU SOOO MUCH 😀

    much love

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hey Sunshine,

      No I didn’t 😦 They are cute, right?
      I was tempted but decided against it- they were a bit heavy..
      I am coming back with an extra suitcase *sighs*
      I’m gona share it with 2 other girls, so we’ll split the cost. I just hope it will be fine getting everything passed customs *worried* but should be ok.

      You are most welcome!! And no, the only thing really new are the scarves.
      I can’t do much clothes-shopping.. size!!!!! Haha


  3. Fran says:

    not sure i like the look of this market o to be honest..
    doesnt make me go ‘oh i wanna goooo..’
    hmm, anyway..
    pleased u had a good time.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:


      No No NO!! The pics don’t do Yiwu justice!!
      The place is so grand, I struggles to take pics of it (the shopping centres and disctricts)
      The market depicted in the pics was the NIGHT market.. obviously doesn’t count.. but is huge still.. You GAST go!! If not for yourself, then pls for the future… yours and that of a million others lol


  4. Babatunde says:

    Wieso schaut man auf nahezu allen deinen Bildern auf dich herab?

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Ganz einfache Erklaerung: Es ist auf nahezu allen Bildern der gleiche Winkel 😉

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