It Wasn’t Meant to.. (III)

He braced himself. Delivering the message wasn’t going to be an easy task. John gave himself an hour.. and another, before he called.

“She’s gone!”

He laughed.. “Gone, you said?” The laughter continued.. “And that would be to where exactly?” Laughing John’s phrase off- it was obviously meant as a joke- he continued, “Anyway, it’s time to move, you know. You’ve been in that place for way too long now.” He mumbled something about John’s 23rd birthday and how he thought they should celebrate it, but was soon interrupted-

“I mean it. She’s gone!” came the reply.. stern and anxious.  He sounded unusually frightened.

“What do you mean ‘Gone’?”

“Gone. As in, she’s not here anymore. I just got back and the door was unlocked. She’s gone!”

She enjoyed the surroundings.. having lived in that place for almost a year and a half, she was disappointed at how little she knew of it. The sun shone differently around here, the grass was greener and thicker, the bushes lower and less intimidating. She could have stayed here longer, but it was too late now; and there was no time to waste. After having briefly enjoyed the rays of sun that she’d been deprived of for longer than was humane, she decided to run.

..and she continued running- ignoring her own exhaustion. She ran relentlessly.

Where to, she wasn’t sure of herself, but run she must. Through the thick forest, past the stream and far off any main roads, that much she knew. But other than that, she was clueless.

Bracing herself, she knew she needed to slow down. It was getting cold and she needed to keep warm.

The frontdoor opened.

“Where did you take her?” he screamed. Hitting and punching John, until blood came gushing out.

“I didn’t take her anywhere. I swear.” He was trying to remain calm. He knew his father’s fury.

Mathilda hid behind a tree as she saw someone entering the shed she had been walking towards.

She decided to put on yet another sweater; this time not fighting the weather- she needed to conceal her bulge. They might not want to take me in.. they might think I’m a slut. Reciting the very words her father had been hammering into her. Words spoken by the very person who had been keeping her in a room for so long- far away from friends, away from outsiders, away from the world; in short: away from life.

She wasn’t sure when or whether at all to enter, what to tell them, where she was going, or -sadly- even where she was from.

.. the treasure box!

Searching through her duffle bag, she hoped to find an answer within the silver treasure-box. The box her father had refused to give her after her mother’s death. Death.. I will never know the truth. She always wondered why- having seized all her inherited property- he had to seize her too. She sighed, and opened the box.

John didn’t mind the beating; not really, anyway. He was willing to bear it.. anything for Mathilda.

Deep down he knew they had both done her wrong. And all for money, he thought. At least I really loved her. While his father was beating in on him, he couldn’t stop hoping she was safe. Although he wished she hadn’t run, and not sure whether his sister – she was merely 14- was capable of surviving out there- he knew she’d be safer still. I can’t believe she is gone though..he thought to himself.

They both wanted her- for very different reasons.

Opening the treasure box, a butterfly escaped.

A butterfly? How? And where did it come from?
No one ever opened this box, so how did it get it?
It was mom’s.. she died over two years ago. It must have been in there for ages.
With no food, no light, no air? How did it survive? This makes no sense.. 

… Smiling, she understood. It really did make no sense at all.

Turning around, she walked away from the shed.

Mother had called her butterfly too. I shall retain my freedom!

John was pleased with himself for not having properly put the chains on the door that morning.

It really wasn’t the first time he had acted “carelessly”.. and she knew. He knew she knew.

But until now she wasn’t ready to go. Aware of her reasons, he sighed. They never spoke about it.

Mathilda, you’ll eventually be OK”, he mumbled

Wrapping her arms around her soon-to-be-born child, she prayed,

“Lord, please let it be John’s and not father’s.”

She didn’t mind carrying his seed; for -in a strange way- she loved him too.


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Kayshawy says:

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      confused? how??

      The scenes alternate. 1st: the man who calls “someone”, 2nd: the female who escaped.
      Names, characters, relations and reasons are finally brought to light and all your previous assumptions can be thrown out the window.
      It’s not confusing. It’s just sad..

  2. Tyo says:

    I saw something like that coming… that’s the Austrian in you, coming out now (dodging Yinka’s stones and fury). You must admit, it was at least Austrian inspired!

    For those who don’t get it (I’m sure this left more than just Mr. K confused):
    – The man Mathilda was living with was her brother
    – Mathilda was locked in a room. Different houses, they were moving around
    – The man her brother (John) called, was their father
    – Mathilda’s mother willed her property and all to Mathilda- her father hated her because of that
    – John was in love with his sister
    – Mathilda was pregnant and since both her brother and father slept with her, not sure who the baby’s father was
    – Mathilda decided not to enter the shed. Who knows what fate might await her there? Now that she is free, she wants to make sure she and her baby remain free by all costs
    – Symbol of the butterfly: freedom! The butterfly was her. If the butterfly could survive in a tiny silver box (Mathilda’s room), where it was locked in and had no sun or much air (still Mathilda’s very same situation), yet lived- months or years locked in (so as Mathilda), then she too could survive! The butterfly was set free and flew away. Now she too must fly, and remain free…

    Phew.. I actually see how this could have confused some people now 🙂

    Loved the ending.. Must say, it wasn’t THAT surprising to me tho.
    Next story: pls no incest! Thanks

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Rightly explained.. but did you really have to explain it ALL?

      You left out the “chains” matter lol :p

      Next time: pls spend more time inside YOUR OWN mind 🙂 Thx!

  3. NEW READER says:

    Thank you, Tyo. It makes a lot of sense!

    §1 John calls his father and tells him Mathilda is gone.
    §3 The father gets to the house, and wants to know where she is
    §5 John doesnt mind the beating because he loves her. They both want her.
    §7 He actually didnt lock her in intentionally. In a way he wanted to help her escape.

    §2 Mathilda is outside the house for the first time and sees how beautiful the surroundings are. But she knows she must run
    §4 Mathilda gets close to a shed and thinks she should enter, but she’s not sure because of her showing pregnancy. A young teenage girl pregnant might cause them to think she’s a bitch. Then she opens the treasure box.
    §6 Out flies a butterfly. She too wants to remain a butterfly now that she has been set free- freedom!

    §7&8 It comes out that John has been sleeping with her too. Brother and sister love each other. She is hoping he is the father of the baby inside her, and not her father.

    It’s a sad story of abuse, violence, madness and incest. A common tale these days.

    It’s not surprising we often find victims in love (emotionally attached) to their abusers. Especially if its the father. Mathilda is just 14 years old. This abuse (according to the writer) had been going on for at least 2 years (since the death of the mother) but I guess it started even long before that. In part2 it says that the parent’s marriage had prepared him for that.. which means there must have been a lot of difficulties. The fact that John (23) is in love with his sister (14) shows just how mentally disturbed he must be. Most probably because of the father. The father had put them in one house- he probably knew they were sharing a bed; yet also slept with her. He probably did it on the very same bed his children were sharing. With John much aware of what was going on. There is a lot of sickness and madness going on here.

    Mathilda was truly rubbed of her innocence, health, joy and life. Let’s just pray and hope she really makes it out there.

    Nice story-telling. I will be back!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Lol.. all explanations coming in around 10.30. What’s going on?
      (Tyo, I really hope that isn’t you! If not:)

      Thanks, new reader, for your very elaborate explanation.
      I see you fully understood it too.

      Yes, it really is a common tale these days.
      Tyo might have been right about the “source of inspiration” but it really just shows the complexities and abnormalities of abuse and “wickedness” in our 21st century *sighs*

      Thanks for the comment; and please do come back! 🙂

  4. Tyo says:

    Hi New Reader,

    Nice break-down.

    Also, I think the fact that Mathilda and her brother were deeply in love was nicely and subtly pointed out in paragraph 7, where it says

    “It really wasn’t the first time he had acted “carelessly”.. and she knew. He knew she knew.

    But until now she wasn’t ready to go. Aware of her reasons, he sighed. They never spoke about it.

    “Mathilda, you’ll eventually be OK”, he mumbled”

    What I read into this: They were probably forced to share a bed but actually quite enjoyed it. In part 2 he said he showered her with love and gifts and never raised his hands or voice. This was probably in contrast to what her father was doing to her. That is why she loved him. He was very different. Also, I think John was a victim here too. A father forcing a 23 year old to live and sleep with his sister, and a son obeys? The son is at the mercy of his father too. Who knows what the father had been doing to him? I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been sleeping with his son for many years and now gave him a gift: Mathilda. Maybe that’s why they loved each other.. relief and escape from the father who had been abusing them both!

    ..or maybe I am doing an Oyin now, and am just thinking farrrrrrrrr. Haha

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Tyo, your interest in this story surprises me!

      I like what you “read into it” though, haha.. that’s how stories are (meant to be) told. And it really does make perfect sense!

      And the way you linked it to Oyinola, the thinker/dreamer/endless romantic.. LOL whatever!

  5. Mike says:

    Die Geschichte ist komplex. Wie ein Puzzle, das man zusammen setzen muss, aber dank Tyo ist jetzt alles klar.

    guade g’schicht. ;D

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Joker.. dir musste ich ALLES (auszer den Schmetterling) erklaeren.. pfft!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Josef Fritzl….

  7. Fran says:

    i almost, just almost saw it coming..
    nice one!
    now, next..

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Did you get it before or after reading the comments?
      I edited a bit to make it clearer.. seeing as some readers were really confused *sob*

      Next? lol.. Part 3’s the conclusion of the series 🙂

  8. Kayshawy says:

    I was not so confused but my expectations of the story were cut short! The story is all kinds of awesome but the sadness that emanates from the story really worries…maybe because these scenes happen for real but her age…oh well! Thanks to all for breaking the story down into episodes…lol. Let’s just say I’m a fan of happy endings…:)

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      You know, my initial plan actually was to make this a proper romantic sob story. I, however, decided to go against my own personal instinct and make this more realistic.
      I’m sad (and glad) to hear it wasn’t what you expected.. but unhappy it undercut ur expectations *sighs*

      I’ve given you one somewhat happy story lol.. you might just get another 😉

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