Recommended: Prada’s Candy!

Taking a walk around the streets of Vienna today, I went into a store called Mauer (Mariahilfer Straße) but unable to find my desired perfume (Jimmy Choo), I decided to have a look around anyway. What I found was far beyond beautiful.. it was exquisite! I came across Prada’s latest creation: Candy! (launched a while ago, I know I’m late lol). Anywhoooooo…

My, oh my, oh my! 

It is sweet, strong and playful, yet sophisticated. Its mix of musk, sensual balsamic, vanilla and caramel is perfectly elegantly balanced; and the explosion that is created within the nostrils upon first “contact” with the scent could well be described as seductive. Soulishly seductive.

Is one surprised the nose behind this fragrance belongs to a French lady? Thumbs up to Daniela Andrier. We like!!

There is no smell of real life that perfumers can perfectly imitate. You can never render the beauty of nature…I don’t think it is even interesting to try to be in competition with it. Fragrance should instead be a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion. — from Daniela Andrier Perfumer at AnOther.


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  1. Kayshawy says:

    I hope you are getting paid for this…..

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      lol… i wish.. *sighs*

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