Men of Wisdom: Dr. Chuck Missler (God, as Goel)

Dr. Chuck Missler

Dr. Chuck Missler travels around and teaches through his ministry, Koinonia House; remaining dedicated to create, develop and distribute materials which stimulate, encourage and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. To find out more about his ministry, click here.

It was during one of his teachings that was broadcasted on the TV (series of teachings, Joseph, Gen 37- 41), that I came across him. I was absolutely amazed at his teaching- its depth, details and accuracy, and could not but take notes all-through. Out of the few hours I recorded, I managed to write down 27 A4 pages of notes- and I am sure I missed quite a lot *sighs*.

Today, I will share some of what I got from his analysis of the Biblical story of Ruth.


The book of Ruth is..

  1. the ultimate lovestory (literally and personally)
  2. exquisitely organized
  3. a perfect picture of The Redeemers ultimate love for me and you
  4. one of the most significant books for the Church (and a prerequisite for Rev. 5)
In Summary:
  • Love’s resolve- Ruth cleaves to Naomi (Ch.1)
  • Love’s response- Ruth gleans (Ch.2)
  • Love’s request- The treshing floor (Ch.3)
  • Love’s reward- redemption of the land (Naomi) & redemption of the bride (Ruth) (Ch.4)
Chapter 1: Background
Due to a famine that has struck Bethlehem, Elimelech takes his family to Moab
Elimelech- God is my king                              Naomi- pleasant (land)
Mahlon (son)- unhealthy, to blot out        Chillon (son)- puny, to punish           Note: both sons marry Moabitesses–>
Orpah- fawn (ultimately returns)                Ruth- desirable (remains with Naomi)

Chapter 2
* law of gleaning (Lev. 19: 9, 10; Deut. 24: 19)- provision for destitute
* happens on the field of Boaz (Name “Boaz”= in him is strength, temple pillar)
* Ruth is introduced to him by an unnamed servant (usually an unnamed servant in the Bible is a messenger of God, or the Holy Spirit)
* he offers protection and an handful on purpose
(!) Goel: law of redemption (Lev. 25: 47- 50) & law of levirite marriage (Deut. 25: 5-10)

Chapter 3:
The Treshing Floor
* Naomi recognizes an opportunity: redemption (her land) and new life (for Ruth)
but Ruth was a foreigner and did not understand the laws and customs of these strange people- she needed Naomi to instruct her
vs. 8-9: the rank of a person was in the “hem of his garment” (insignia) (Note: God speaks of “spreading [His] skirt over Israel”- protection/ authority. woman with the issue of blood sough to “touch the hem of His garment” for that is where his power lay).
(!) She was not asking to lay with him, but rather asking him to take her to wife–> redeem her!
(Goel (go’el) is a Hebrew term which comes from the word gal’al (“to redeem”), hence meaning “redeemer”)
(!) Boaz understood this but “there [was] someone nearer”
Although Ruth approached Boaz to fulfil the role of a Goel, there was a nearer kinsman in the way. So, he gives her 6 measures of barley. Ruth again- being a stranger in this land- does not understand what this means; Naomi, however- a true Israelite- understands the Israelite code: “He will not rest until the matter be resolved.”

5 Comments Add yours

  1. visitor says:

    This is nice.
    It encourages me to study the Bible, not just read it as a novel.

    1. visitor says:

      and it also makes me think and meditate more.
      I will definitely be coming back for more 🙂

    2. DeMorrieaux says:

      Great to hear it encourages you.
      That exactly is the aim of this series..
      There are so many beauties in God’s Word waiting to be found.
      Make sure to come back and share some truths with us, once you’ve discovered them.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the lectures on the Internet. God Bless

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