Men of Wisdom

There are a few men of God that I respect; and I mean.. really. These are men that inspire me, feed my hunger for knowledge, present me with solid facts, understand the truth in the Word, diligently study and analyse Scripture, and are able to present it in an inter-connected, meaningful and most importantly: practical way.

These men of God (scholars) are worthy of honour, and- the quintessence of this post- worthy of being read and/or studied.

Hence my decision to share some acquired truths and lessons from them.. with YOU!

This week (Oct 31- Nov 5) I endeavour to share at least one lesson per day. They will range in length, style, and detail. Some will be in the form of texts or articles; while others will adapt the form of notes or bullet-point. Let me surprise you!

While I understand this might be somewhat boring for many, I really do encourage you to give it (me) a chance and read them anyway.. at least the first post. Content will range from dating and relationships,  finances, leadership, project-management, people skills, personal development, family planning, teamwork, and conflict management, to prophecies, “astrology”, the 12 tribes of Israel, and a study of the book of Ruth.

I am well aware of the fact that these numerous topics cannot all be covered in just one week, but many of them (if not most- some will be combined, as they are directly related) will be. Although discussed from a Christian perspective, they are generally applicable to and for all.

I thus encourage you to come by and be fed. Consider it free food for your spirit and soul!

Scholars whose teachings will be looked at:

  • John C. Maxwell
  • Dr. Chuck Missler
  • Pastor Michael Omawumi Efueye
  • Dr. Myles Munroe
  • Oswald Chambers
  • Selwyn Hughes (and maybe one or two more).
Important Note:
Please do not accept anything I am about to share with you as the absolute truth. All information shared is merely an introduction to more truths waiting to be found. Give yourself to earnest and diligent study of areas of interest to you and see what you will find. Only personal truths discovered will eventually impact you and effectively change your thinking and life (in a positive way, needless to say)!

feel free to say something..

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