Men of Wisdom: Selwyn Hughes (Marriage as God Intended III)

Who’s in charge?

Q: If God has been calling men “head”, does that make them superior?
A: No, in no wise! Before God man and woman stand as equals; however, with different functions. Although they are spiritually equal, they are not functionally.

When the Lord presented Eve to Adam, he made it clear that she was to be his help-meet. Note: not “mate” but “meet”, meaning: appropriate, suitable, comparable, “as before him”.

It is important to understand that God created man in His own image (a reflection of Himself) and then, the woman in the image of the men. Following the simple equation: woman stands before man, as man stands before God–> they are both (to be) reflections of  God Himself.

This is the very reason why God- having concluded “it is not good for man to be alone”- brought animals before Adam to be named by him- it was a test! Of what exactly, you ask? God needed Adam to see/know who he was. Looking at all the animals, it was not merely obvious that they were all in pairs, but: they all had a partner who looked like them and resembled them: in aesthetics and functionality! Having seen and understood that, it was easy for Adam to crave for a reflection of Himself. He passed the test! That is why it was easy for him to name her WO-man: He immediately understood and saw his reflection in her. She looked like him/ complemented him and seemed to have the same functions. He saw himself in her. “She shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man.” (Gen. 2: 23)

With this simple understanding (man and woman are equals and reflections of each other) it is even more important to be careful in your selection of a partner: You are in essence picking another you (complementing part), which becomes a reflection of you (and vice versa). Your partner will carry your reflection wherever he/she goes. He puts his tag on her- she bares his name!

– Part 3/5-


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i’ve been coming back for part 4 and 5.
    come on, come on, come on!! 🙂

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