From Omidan to Miss

“Always late. Temi, where are you?” She was getting restless..

With so many eyes on her, she felt weird, to say the least. She had not the slightest idea why she attracted so much attention this day. Ladies were looking, whispering, pointing; even men stopped, turned, looked. It made no sense. Omidan felt uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

Having managed to take a brief look at herself through a shop’s window, she concluded it had to be the hair, “What else could it possibly be?” and decided to let it down. “Better.”

“Mchewwww.. Look at this girl. It’s not the hair, jor!” a voice exclaimed from not too far away, giggling. Temi had finally arrived. “It’s your new bag, Miss! It’s absolutely awesome; a show-stopper for sure. Bigs girls!!

Omidan laughed, feeling ridiculous; she had completely forgotten all about her new bag. “Oh- so you agree, shey? Sebi I told you to follow me to the private sale yesterday, but you were busy playing wifey. Anyway sha, this is Ebun.” With a sudden injection of confidence- and now secretly pleased she had been the centre of many a people’s attention- she proudly showed off her new red leather and Ankara bag.

Enjoying Temi’s mixed feelings of jealousy and regret for some minutes, she had to admit she’d derive far more pleasure from seeing her best friend happy, and ordered, “Oya, close your eyes!”

Temi laughed- she knew Omidan would not have bought a bag for herself without remembering her. “Miss Kuku.. just like you!”

Temi received it, smiling. She absolutely loved it. “Brown and turquoise… so my colours. Thanks, babe! Jezreel Designs is trying sha; they really do have something for everyone.”


From Omidan to Miss is Jezreel Design‘s latest collection, which will be showcased at this collection’s 1st official private sale. It’s yet another collection that has achieved its high aims of producing bespoke handbags of the finest leather and blending these with the choicest of Ankara.

From Miss Kuku: a beautiful brown leather bag with gold-detailed Ankara whose strap is adjustable; and Deola: a black leather clutch whose beautiful blue Ankara has been embellished with Swarovski Elements crystals; to Bamike: a flat pink clutch with Ankara detailing and the signature yellow lining; and Busola: the largest and arguably most colourful bag of this collection; it can confidently be said that Jezreel Designs really has something for everyone!

Join them as they launch their new collection From Omidan to Miss on Sunday, November 20, 2o11. For more information on Jezreel Designs and what they’re up to, check out their website and blog, or follow them on twitter @JezreelDesigns.

Here an exclusive preview of what to expect:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    haha.. Nice! Too bad I’m not wherever this it. Guess UK? Enjoy!

  2. fran says:

    love it, love it, love it..

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