Alright.. Pinkus is feeling random again, so a few things today 🙂

1. *beating of exotic drums* I’m back in Vienna!! Yh, yh.. I know, I said that not too long ago.. but here I am again.. just landed at Vienna Schwechat this evening, and am more than glad to be back! After my trip to China, and after having spent a week in the UK, I went back to Vienna.. just to have my parents send me back to London 10 days thereafter because of an important appointment. In a way I now know- kind of always knew though- that there was greatness awaiting me there; so I’m glad I went back. I received much more than I bargained for (exclusively positive stuff) and am more equipped and excited about my journey now. It’s been interesting thus far; but I am more than confident it will be amazing from now on.
Apart from the fact that I (think I) am settling down in Vienna for now- as opposed to living out of a suitcase- I am excited about all the wonderful opportunities that have and still are presenting themselves to me, the open doors, the new developments (in all areas and aspects of life) and new amazing and wonderful people I can see I am already being blessed with. Of course I am fully aware of the fact that it means being away from people I love much and care about too (i.e. sisters and close friends) I know that you all will not just be jubilant to hear and/or read about all that’s happening to me and around me over here, but will take great pleasure and time out rejoicing with me too! *dancing*

2. A wonderful friend of mine presented me with a wonderful gift just days prior to me leaving London: The Art of War! Thanks, beautiful (both within and without) Jenny! I have thanked her for it already, but I just felt like sharing it here anyway. I ordered half a dozen of books on Amazon just last week and was keen on purchasing the aforementioned books as well. Having considered a few things (finances, mainly) I decided against its purchase. This of course, remained known to me only! And then, on Wednesday after service at church, Jenny hands me a gift, smiling “You’ll understand when you see it..” And boy, did I understand! It is good to have insightful and sensitive friends.. Call it intuition, or spiri-spiri.. Whatever you choose to call it, to me it was a gift, a blessing and a miracle! Of course I could have simply asked my sister to buy it for me (or taken her copy of the book lol) but see.. it still worked out beautifully! And for this I thank God.. and Jenny!! x

3. I’m currently reading Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady and decided to share an excerpt I particularly enjoyed reading with you, my beloved readers (p. 68- 69):

Mr Touchett went to bed at half-past nine o’clock, but his wife remained in the drawing-room with the other members of the party. She prolonged her vigil for something less than an hour, and then, rising, observed to Isabel  that it was time to bid the gentlemen good-night. Isabel had as yet no desire to go to bed; the occasion wore, to her sense, a festive character, and feasts were not in the habit of terminating so early. So, without further thought, she replied very simply: ‘Need I go, dear aunt? I’ll come up in half an hour.’
‘It’s impossible I should wait for you,’ Mrs Touchett answered.
‘Ah, you needn’t wait! Ralph will light my candle,’ Isabel gaily engaged.
‘I’ll light your candle, do let me light your candle, Miss Archer!’ Lord Warburton exclaimed. ‘Only I beg it shall not be before midnight.’

Mrs Touchett fixed her little bright eyes upon him a moment and transferred them coldly to her niece. ‘You can’t stay alone with the gentlemen. You’re not- you’re not [at home], my dear.’
Isabel rose, blushing. ‘I wish I were.’ she said. […]
‘Can’t I stay with my own cousin?’ Isabel inquired.
‘I’m not aware that Lord Warburton is your cousin.’ […]
Mrs Touchett gave a little look of despair and sat down again. ‘Oh, if it’s necessary I’ll stay up till midnight.’

Ralph meanwhile handed Isabel her candlestick. He had been watching her; it had seemed to him her temper was involved- an accident that might be interesting. But if he had expected anything of a flare he was disappointed, for the girl simply laughed a little, nodded good-night and withdrew accompanied by her aunt. For himself, he was annoyed at his mother, though he thought she was right. Abovestairs the two ladies separated at Mrs Touchett’s door. Isabel had said nothing on her way up.

‘Of course you’re vexed at my interfering with you,’ said Mrs Touchett.
Isabel considered, ‘I’m not vexed, but I’m surprised- and a good deal mystified. Wasn’t it proper I should remain in the drawing-room?’
‘Not in the least. Young girls here- in decent houses- don’t sit alone with gentlemen late at night.’
‘You were very right to tell me then,’ said Isabel. ‘I don’t understand it, but I’m very glad to know it.’
‘I shall always tell you,’ her aunt answered, ‘whenever I see you taking what seems to me too much liberty.’
‘Pray, do; but I don’t say I shall always think your remonstrance just.’
‘Very likely not. You’re too fond of your own ways.’
‘Yes, I think I’m very fond of them. But I always want to know the things one shouldn’t do.’
‘So as to do them?’ asked the aunt.
‘So as to choose,’ said Isabel.

4. And last but in no wise least: As already announced earlier: In just a few hours (Nov 20, 2011) is Jezreel Design’s “From Omidan to Miss” private sale! For more information click here, or check out their website. You can also follow them on twitter @JezreelDesigns.

From Omidan to Miss Private Sale Info:
Time: 3pm- 6pm
Venue: 438 Ripple Road; Barking, Essex, IG11 9RU


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Tyo says:

    Awww.. Art of War. A Classic! Make sure to share an excerpt or two with your “beloved reader(s)” 😉

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Don’t worry. I certainly will! 🙂

  2. Tyo says:

    ‘I shall always tell you,’ her aunt answered, ‘whenever I see you taking what seems to me too much liberty.’
    ‘Pray, do; but I don’t say I shall always think your remonstrance just.’
    ‘Very likely not. You’re too fond of your own ways.’
    ‘Yes, I think I’m very fond of them. But I always want to know the things one shouldn’t do.’
    ‘So as to do them?’ asked the aunt.
    ‘So as to choose,’ said Isabel.

    ..sounds like Pinkus to me. *dodging the stones* but then again: you might well read this as a compliment. If you do, it was so intended.. not! *now flees*

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Whether you flee or not, I cannot be offended.
      And for this I am truely glad. I laugh. I smile. I throw no stones


  3. Tyo says:

    Very soon.. you will announce your relocation to …(where I am).. *whistles*

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      ..and that is BECAUSE…?

  4. daniela says:

    Can you please tell me where I can find the original photo/portrait/picture that you used on your comment about the book Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady. I have been looking for that picture for a while (where it actually comes from)…
    Is it an illustration in the book? or an actual painting ??
    Thanks for your help you can email me at danielajunkbox@yahoo.ca for your reply.

    I would truly appreciate it !!!


    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hi there,

      I’ll look around for the source and email you then; I know I should have noted/credited it. My bad..

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