Blue God..

Some words of caution by Jessica Reedy; true on so many levels. Listen to the words of the song carefully and perhaps examine yourself and your relationship with your Maker. We all need to..

(Check out her website too!)

The lyrics:

My Opinion, My View, My Life, My Joy
Its My Hurt, My Pain, My Girl, My Boy
Its My Heart, My Love, My Song
My feelings are hurt
You’re worst, second, and I’m First

But if you want I’ll let you rule over my life
If you make me feel good
And if you make it alright
Just take care of me
Give me what I need
After that maybe we can get to you, God

Blue God[…]

Because its all about
My A – My Agenda, My Plans, My Goals
My Money, Give it funny
Your Cons, and My Pros
I’m Happy, Successful
O Lord I’ll tell you when I need you
We don’t say it but surely we do it
O Its we how live
And its how we treat you


Yea we say it
That we love you
and we give ourselves
and we claim there’s none above you
but our lives don’t say the same
and I see the cycle too many times
and Ive seen the fight for a change
And I’m a part of it
I know the heart of it
That’s why we need you God, we do


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