Circle of Friends..

“Twenty children can never play together for twenty years.” ~ Michael Adelowo

A very unfortunate- yet true- saying, popular amongst many Nigerians: things, season, cycles, and relationships simply constantly change. This is particularly true as relating human relationships. How many of us- growing up- believed we would forever be close to our second grade best friends? Phrases such as “BFF” were common then (to many a person are probably still common now), and imagining days were  such relationships would die down, become less important and/or dominant, and less intimate/intensive were sheer impossible. Allowing such a thought cross our minds would have screamed betrayal and be considered treason of the highest order.

And yet here we are, years later and (hopefully) much wiser.. more realistic… less dependent on friends that seemed the world to us then. There were those we fell out with, and others we simply grew apart from. We might have moved away, changed our circle of acquaintances, might have chosen a completely different path altogether.. or simply, yes simply moved on.

But then of course- thank goodness- there are those friends that always remain. They might not have been your closest friends growing up, but they’ve always been present nonetheless. Not like a curse or the like, but deep down you instinctively knew they would always be there. There when you needed a shoulder to cry on, a person to laugh with, or someone you could selflessly offer a listening ear to. It might not have occurred on a weekly, monthly, or even annual basis, but yet you knew somehow, somewhere, they would always be there.

Today I am particularly grateful for some friends of mine. Friend who were lovely, and others who were looked down upon by some, talked badly about by many, and trusted and loved only by a few; yet can still be considered to have been wonderful friends to me.

Having a friend is one thing, being one yourself a completely different thing altogether.

Today I am glad for those who accepted mine, and gave me theirs: some of whom have always been present (life-long friends), others who came into my life merely 6 years ago; and I am particularly excited about the new friends I am about to make.
Friends that- although still unknown- will proof to be a blessing, imparting amazing and indispensable wisdom into me; friends I can be a blessing to and learn from at the same time. Friends who are simply put: God-sent.

I am encouraging you to appreciate the friends you have- and I am not referring to your 1234 facebook friends or twitter followers, but to the people that have actually been placed around you- your immediate surroundings. They are precious jewels- most often hidden in jars of clay; and in need of your love, affection, attention, and- most importantly- appreciation.

Remember: Friendships require work and commitment. Don’t be afraid to put in hard work, hold on to some, or even let go and move on when the time comes to do so. Be careful not to chase those away who were meant to remain.. or to stick to those who you’re meant to move on/away from. While twenty children cannot play together for twenty years, 3 or 4, or even 6 (adults) can!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tyo says:

    Very true.
    Thank God you have vowed to always take me back 🙂

    I love you too!

  2. sekastudio says:

    Then there are those who were not in your circle friends at all originally even though you knew each other; years later, you find them in a different town or country where neither of you have that many friends. Lo and behold an epic discovery is about to take place! You become the closest of friends and wonder to yourselves why you were not friends all along — strange – but that’s not the way it works!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Not sure whether to read sarcasm out of your post (*wink*) but different things, situations and environments can bring people together.
      I generally do not believe in the term “best friend”.. But as for close friendship- sure. Depending on one’s situation, one might tie a closer bond with another.. for a period of time (most often very limited- until that particular situation that brought the two of you together, changes) It happens.. It’s life.
      I guess that’s why we are all born into families.. the only natural “institution” that will outlive any other created (by man).. Friendships that last for life are simply an unmerited blessing.

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