I am so excited about this year!! I know it will be an absolutely amazing one- and I am not just saying that because it’s something I tell myself every year (I don’t really..), but it’s something I am completely and undoubtedly sure about.

The year 2011 was one of a few ups and many downs, but I am more than persuaded the year 2012 will be an incredibly wonderful one. Just as there’s no smoke without a fire, there’s no endurance and suffering without an awaiting glory. As long as the earth remains seed-time and harvest, summer and winter, warmth and cold will not seize. It is a promise the Lord made to His creation long before any of us existed, and He will surely not break His word.

So today, as you have all (by His grace) made it into the new year, may His hand of power, excellence and protection rest upon you. May you experience His love, favour and grace in an increased measure. May you seek and find Him like never before; and may you drink the cup He deals you (however sweet or bitter it may be) with gratitude. He is just and faithful, and wherever He leads you (in)to, be reminded of the fact that He walks you through it, sustains you, and above all: will never leave you.

Make this year one of worship. After all, it was for worship He set us free!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tyo says:

    Mon précieux bébé,

    Happy New Year!

  2. labala85 says:

    Nice 1 Yinkus.I’m so glad that you have found a trust that teaches how to rest.Blessing do come but the reward of worship is God!! Happy new year Doll.Xoxo

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