A God of Terrible Things

We understand the fact that there are always two sides to a coin. That no matter how far and long we look, we (will) never see things as they are- complete!

We understand that in the midst of an economic recession, there are those who live in abundance; that in the midst of much suffering, there are those who enjoy and excel. That among the weak, there too exists a strongest; among the frail and weary, one who will stand in the gap.

We know that life and death, warmth and cold, plenty and scarcity are seasons that must happen to all men; that as long as the earth remains, there will be ups and downs.. but we do not understand the Lord.

We forget that the Lord -on whose side we are, and who is on ours- does not stop at punishing the wicked, but goes all the way- rewarding those who have been made righteous (through His blood). We tend to forget that He is perfectly just: our Advocate and Judge; perfectly balanced: The Lion and The Lamb.

So when we see destruction, chaos and (rumors of) wars, why do we fear? I know all this might sound a bit melodramatic, but isn’t it exactly what we’re being told/shown by the news, and often even witness with our own eyes? Such news comes suddenly, and it is often sad… but shouldn’t it rather excite us? Does it not act as a gentle reminder that the Lord is still supreme and still on the throne? That He has not forgotten how to be Himself? 😉

In the midst of chaos, isn’t it wonderful to know we haven’t been forsaken? That although He is Creator of all (both good and evil) and Lord over all (both the God-fearing and the ruthless), though He causes His rain to fall on both the righteous and the wicked, extends His arm of love, grace and mercy to us all, and gives each and every one of us chances to start over again, He has not forgotten to be just? Yes, He is a God of Justice.

So from today, I want you to relax when you see terror- it isn’t always a bad thing –>

And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee.” (Exodus 34:10)

Remember: He wants you to reflect His glory; not to worry, fear of fret in light of all that is happening around. And He is more than able to do it all by Himself. The only thing He asks of you is to totally surrender (whatever it may be you’re holding on to other than Him).. and believe.

The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. (Numbers 6: 25-26)

(for further study: Malachi 3: 13- 17, Ezekiel 36, Isaiah 52)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fran_Pee says:

    wow oh wow..
    a word in season..
    makes me wanna chill..
    warm.. feels like i’ve jsut been cuddled.
    the power of rememberance- thanks!
    He’s faithful always, we just choose to forget..

  2. That’s very correct.

    That’s why He encourages us to never forget, remind ourselves..and also: tell others” 🙂

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