My Delectation…

I am not ashamed to admit that there are some things I am not proud of.

With all my weaknesses and strengths, I have- over the years- come to understand and and indeed accept that there are a few things that will never change.

About the world.. certain people.. situations.. conditions.

While there are things one can choose to deal with, face, and- in order to overcome- fight; there are other things (no matter how hard you fight) you simply know, you can or will never overcome.

This is not an article about strengths and weaknesses, trials and temptations, or even fears and hopes. It is not a self-help study, a word of encouragement, or my idea of steps towards ultimate victory. No, it is none of the above at all!

This is a confession of a weakness I have come to embrace and indeed highly appreciate. A thing that was once upon a time a worry, but has now turned to joy. A struggle I am no longer fighting or wishing away, but rather embracing.

It is the confession of my obsession for DIVINE CHOCOLATE!

Call me a baby. Tell me to grow up. Encourage me to deal with my issues and get rid of my childhood fears. *yimu* Laugh at me, point fingers, kiss your teeth or bang your head. Say what you want to say.. how often you want to say it.. wherever you want to say it.. however you want to say it. It is not going away. So… Just let me have my chOcolate!! 

This post is a shameless dedication to GODIVA. I absolutely adore their chocolates. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and tastes. Ganaches.. Truffles.. Caramels.. Fruits and Nuts.. Parfaits.. Biscuits.. White chocolate.. Dark chocolate.. Milk chocolate.. Coffee-infused chocolate.. Pistachio.. Marshmallow-filled.. Strawberry and vanilla-coated.. Pecan-topped.. Cranberry-centred.. Raspberry-covered.. Hazelnut-layered.. and even some liquid-filled! *out of breath*

In a nutshell: You name it, Godiva has it! Need I say more? Of course, I am well aware of the fact that there are those who are fine with Lindt, others who are very simple and even find enjoyment when consuming Galaxy.. I am not judging!

I do not claim to know more than anyone else about everything else in life. But what I do claim and can proudly confess to, is being an astute chocolate connoisseur; and Godiva really is as good as it gets!

…treat a loved one (or yourself) to some!

Pleasure is often spoiled by describing it.
– Stendhal


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Tyo says:

    Non, tu n’es pas normale…

    1. I am what/who I am…. (˘⌣˘)

  2. olu says:

    u nd ur chocolate, thought lindt was ur fav hmmmm people change oooo wenigstens weiss ich jetzt was ich dir zum 30 schenken kann :p xx

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      lol! 30ten?? You MUST be joking!!
      Well, you BETTER be!! *dropkicks*

  3. habs says:

    Oyinbo pepe! Some of us live with nostalgic thots of chocomilo, buttermint and baba dudu. lol

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Lol those of “us” do not include YOU tho.
      You that lives in Florida.. Go away ohh!!!

      1. habs says:

        lol. But I only got to FL 5months ago now! Either way sha u are still proper ajebo with this your oyinbo choco.

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