A Beautiful Encounter

Something beautiful just happened and I simply had to blog about it.


I took the underground back home from wherever I was coming from, and “met” those two guys. There were empty seats beside them but- not wanting to give the appearance of wanting to sit close to “fine boys” I chose a seat a bit further away.
Anyhow, it was unmistakable: Americans!! A rare sight/treat/pleasure in Vienna; so- as nature demanded- I was forced to be curious.. and curious I was. I was intrigued.. I was eager to find out.. who they were.. where they had come from.. what they were doing here.
My heart started beating faster.. Should I just walk up to them and ask them? I don’t want to give them the impression of Austrians being too forward. But then again, wasn’t the general consensus that we were just prude, stuck-up, narrow-minded, traditional, conservative snobs? I would defend our reputation, our honour; would add some pleasure to their experience.
And so, with all these thoughts going through my mind.. and my heart beating excessively, my feet took control of the situation. My face automatically (if I may add) adjusted itself, I got up with a bright smile, and took a seat next to one of the guys.

Sorry for interrupting. But.. I’m just curious. What are you guys doing here?

They sat there, marvelling.. both confused (so it seemed to me) before one of them finally spoke. It must have been my bright smile and shining eyes that eventually eased the situation.

Hey. We play football.

American football. (The other one added.)

(For clarity-sake, let me just add this now: one of them was Caucasian, the other Black. Both Americans. Both cute. Both tall. Both just wonderfully awesome in appearance LOL. For simplicity: The white guy will be Mr.W, the black one Mr. B. Our conversation went somewhat like this:)

American football. Here? In Vienna?

Yea. Sounds funny, right? (Mr. B)

(We all laughed sheepishly, as though we agreed it was obviously very absurd.)

So, how long have you been here?

Me, just one week. Him, three. (Mr. B)

And how long are you staying?

Six months..

Hmmm ok. Do you like it so far?

Well, I havn’t been around much. Haven’t really seen places. I don’t know anywhere. I only follow him. (Mr. B pointed at Mr. W)

(Seeing an opportunity to play good Samaritan here, I naturally wanted to suggest taking him on a tour. Though I eventually concluded it might be wiser to hold back on such an offer… for now..)

Do you speak any German?

(They both grinned.)

Not really. Well.. I know “Servus” and “Einhorn”. (Mr. B)

(I was naturally confused at that..Every German-speaker would have..)

Einhorn? Like.. unicorn?

Yes, unicorn. (Mr. B)

(I laughed). Now that’s random..

(Another important info: As I was seated beside the Caucasian guy, I was circumstantially facing Mr. B)

So, what do you do here? (Mr. W finally spoke)

I was born here, have lived her all my life. Well, until I moved to London. I’ve just moved back here though.

OK. Well, my aunt lived here for seven years. She’s just moved back.

Oh, ok. Nice. Americans in Vienna. Haha.. rare sight.

Oh is it? Besides, is it so obvious we’re Americans?

Haha.. Are you kidding me? Yes it is. Apart from your English, I could have identified you from afar.


Well, first.. there’s your look.

Our look?

Well.. you know, you look American. Plus of course (directed at Mr. B) just everything about you really. Especially your hair.

My hair? (they both laughed)

Your hair’s not much different.

Mine are braids. Yours are dreadlocks. They’re used to mine, they’re not used to yours.

No wonder everyone’s been staring at me. I was wondering. (They laughed again.) 

And of course, your dressing.

(They laughed childishly) Are you serious? So people don’t wear jumpsuits here?

Well, they do. Just not in public. (I joked)

Oh, I’m sorry! (he mocked sarcastic)

It’s fine. No offence taken.

(I don’t know where or when exactly the switch happened, but the next thing I asked Mr. B was..)

So.. what’s your name?


Ahhhhhhhh.. You’re joking!! Are you serious. (They were naturally taken aback; could not possibly have seen this pool of emotions coming) Oh, sorry.. sorry.. I get excited so easily. Well, I’m Yinka! (I help out my hand to shake his. I know, very formal indeed. That’s the proper Austrian in me *shrug*)

Oh. Are you Nigerian too? (Mr. B)

Ehmmm.. I said my name was Yinka.

Hmmm.. OK. Are you Yoruba or Igbo?

LOOOOOOOL.. Hahahahahhaha.. (I couldn’t control myself anymore.) Tunde, are you serious? Oh no, so you’re one of them. One of those who know nothing about their country, their people, their language.. (*deep sigh* Yes, there I was, making conclusions based on a simple question on his part. If you like, stone me!)

Well.. I only lived there until I was three. I was born there though. Oh, wait.. Did you say “Yinka” like “Yinka Aremi” the…

Ehm.. well, I don’t know who that is, but I guess..

(Mr. W was obviously enjoying the conversation. He just kept laughing..)

Oh no, I feel embarrassed. Quite embarrassed, actually!

Why are you feeling embarrassed for him? (Mr. W, still laughing)

(I decided to let it slide.. forgiving, peace-loving me.) Have you ever gone to visit?

Nah. Not since I left. See, I’m a proud American! (he said patriotically. We all laughed)

It’s cool. It’s cool. Don’t worry about it.

I can say “Bawo ni” though.

Ok.. (I said, obviously not impressed. We all smiled.)

(At that point we got to “Kagran” and I naturally assumed they would get off, so I concluded..)

Well, I guess you guys are getting off now?

I don’t know (Mr. B), I just follow him (looking at Mr. W).

Oh, no. We’re getting off next one. (Mr. W)

Oh, yea. And I know how to say Bruennerstr. xxx. (Mr. B)

Ooooooo-kaaaaaay.. (I replied, rolling my eyes)

That’s where we live. (Mr. B)

(I smiled. Obviously registering it.. LOL ..and then it was time for them to leave.)

Well, I’ll let you guys go. Take care (I said and got up. They got up too.)

Nice meeting you. (Mr. B & W)

Nice meeting you too!

Looking back at the conversation, I wished I had spoken a bit more to Mr. W *cry.sigh.whine* but they’re here for another 6 months and I’m certain our paths will meet again. Vienna is tiny and I’d be shocked not to run into them again. If not anywhere, then maybe somewhere around Bruennerstr.. *wink*

But honestly, I was glad I gave myself a push. It’s nothing unusual for me.. but I haven’t acted so boldly in a while. I’m proud of myself.. and very excited about possibilities. Who does not want American acquaintances? Hahaha.. Ok, I’m aware of the fact I’m sounding like a bush-girl here, but hey, who cares!? It’s just always such a pleasure meeting new people. People who are and hopefully think differently.. A breath of fresh air. Summer’s coming!!!  \(*^▽^*)/


35 Comments Add yours

  1. FP says:

    U have an American obsession
    No make their head swell I beg

  2. 0laToxic says:

    Hmmm…. Deez girl can toast sha!

    (•͡.̮ ~͡)

    1. DeMorrieaux says:


      Pls.. Someone should come and help point out when or where I toasted anybody..


  3. Tyo says:

    Why am I not surprised?
    C’est TOI!

    Please tell your readers about how you met me too.
    It always starts something like this.
    This is a trick. This is no coincidence!
    Olatoxic is right. You are a FLIRT!


    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hahaha.. I just might!
      I’m sure I left out 50% of the conversation
      It was too funny tho..

      ..and they were really nice ( ._.)

  4. 0laToxic says:

    ‘Toast’, here, is qualified by you just walking up and talking. You also go on to lay emphasis on how attractive you found them. Plus, you hope (and perhaps, plan) to run into them again…

    Yep, you’re a flirt and yep, you were toasting the bobos, no matter how subtly.


    1. DeMorrieaux says:


      I am letting my readers know they weren’t too bad-looking. I did not give THEM the impression they were above-average *rme*

      ..and NO I am not planning to run into them!
      Hahaha.. I am not that desperate. What do you take me for? ( ._.)

  5. Habaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! says:

    Vicky. Vicky. Vicky.
    How many times did I call your name?

    For many years it was FRENCH
    Then you added JEWISH
    Now you’re loving AMERICANS?!

    Vicky, I can’t take you seriously anymore.

    Next think you will say is it’s not contradictory. You want a guy who was born in Paris and speaks fluent French; whose parents emigrated to the United States and just there found out about the Jewish ancestry.
    After that, you will remember you want your kids to speak perfect Yoruba so you’ll add that you’d like someone who speaks Yoruba too.. “The final sign he is my husband would be if he told me he did an exchange year at the University of Ibadan, studying Yoruba.”

    You need help!!!!!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Haba! Which one is exchange year at the University of Ibadan?? Lol
      There are many institutes that offer Yoruba courses now.. Even in France! Oh my, oh my, oh my.. This reminds me >>> INALCO!!


      You’re correct. I need to forget about all these Americans.
      My destiny is in Paris LOOOOL!

    2. 0laToxic says:


      Pinkus, this is the point where you rest your case and accept that… Err… What’s the argument here again? *scratching head*

      1. DeMorrieaux says:

        Mehnnnn.. I cant even lie, I’m confused.
        I don’t even know what to think or whom to love again.
        Only God can satisfy my hunger ( ._.)

        (but seeing as He created me with passiooooooooon and the need for romantic love, I guess I will one day have to decide)

        Pls, someone send my prince my way..

  6. habaaaaaaaa!! says:

    You have 2 major problems:

    1. Your eyes have seen too much. The more you (have) see(n), the more you want.

    2. The grass is always greener on the other side. It is practically impossibly to satisfy you.

    I wish you all the best though. Maybe you should just stick to God, as you rightly pointed out already.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      What is all this now??
      Please, if na joke.. stop am oh!

      I agree about the greener pasture thing.. *covers face*.
      But at the end of the day, is it not the one who proves with all his heart, might, intellect and strength that he wants me, that I’ll agree to? Of course there is the element of God’s will et al, but camman!!!! Na love, no be language or nationality.. Although I can still like to make these prayer points shaaaaa LOL *sighs*

      Let me wallow in my fantasies since there’s no one jooo!!

      ( ._.)

      1. 0laToxic says:

        *in Tiwa Savage voice* Love me, love me, love meeeeeeeeeee……


        1. DeMorrieaux says:

          ( ¬ ¬) You that doesn’t want my love.. Go away jo!

          *crying profusely*

          1. 0laToxic says:

            Okay. If that’s what you want to think… ( -_-)

            *hands her handkerchief and walks away*

            1. DeMorrieaux says:

              LOL 0_o “and walks away”.. while I cry?

              *sigh* story of my life… reversed

              ( ._.)

          2. Tokunbo… You have brought your P setting here again… God dey look you oh…

            1. DeMorrieaux says:

              LOL! Toxy no dey set P nah..
              Anyway, even if.. I am un-P-settable :p

  7. tina says:


    “Is it not the one who proves with all his heart, might, intellect and strength that he wants me, that I’ll agree to?”

    Too much Jane Austen, Virgina Woolf, Emily Bronte..

    You are obviously not being rational. I rest my case.. Keep wallowing in your fantasies and stay there, watching all your friends getting married to REAL men..

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      ( ¬ ¬) Please, is this a competition?

      I am not complaining about anyone getting married before me.
      Besides, I like to look at romance like a job application.
      See how they list specs and qualifications? They obviously do NOT expect anyone to meet all of them. They merely set the bar so high, because they know only those who meet at least 70% of the requirements will even think of applying.
      I have adopted this system too.. At least, let him be literate and have a few of those points that I care about. After all, it’s not like I have nothing to offer myself..

      And now, just leave me alone!!! lol

      1. tina says:

        I understand you perfectly.
        The sad thing about this is just that you find there will be many suitable candidates who will not even consider applying, because they feel inadequate.
        Set the bar too high and you will prevent many of those you would have loved from even taking a second look.
        I’m not saying you should set it low, I’m just saying: be a bit more realistic.

        I know most of this is a joke, but there is a lot of underlying truth in it. Remember our uni days? Yes, you got into trouble.. but at least there were many many toasters. Now that you have decided to want to marry Angel Gabriel, how many guys honestly [still call](sic.) you? Not even your Christian brothers..

        This should make you think.
        Of course there is the element of faith and standards etc.. but let there be a bit of common sense in all this too.

        And now, I shall leave you.
        You know it’s all love 🙂
        (I’ve become as direct as you, dear)

        Love you!!

        1. DeMorrieaux says:

          You wouldn’t know this because we haven’t spoken in ages, but my head’s really not half as much in the clouds as it used to be.
          I get your point though. I still don’t think I’m asking for much..
          All I want is someone to love ( ._.)

          Oh well.. all this is becoming too romantic. So much seriousness is taking the humour out of all this. Thx!!! *dropkicks*

  8. tina says:

    Don’t worry about humour.
    It will always find its way back.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      *thinks about tina’s inspirational quote for a minute; then decides to walk away, concluding it wasn’t very inspiring after all*

      Let me know once you’ve finished being “deep” and “philosophical”


  9. tina says:

    Lol! I’m off now anyway.
    By the way, I loved “One page at a time”
    Very nice piece!

  10. the only REAL person u will ever meet says:

    it’s because this tina girl has ur time that she is even botherin explainin.
    i know ppl like u. be there crying.
    if a guy now comes you will run away.
    ur bf farts, u issue first warning.
    ur bf gbagauns, second warning.
    ur bf calls u 5mins too late, u threaten to break up
    ur bf comes 10mins late, u don break up, move on.. next guy.
    is this a serious person?
    how will u now marry? clear ur mind first abeg.

    til then be fantasising

    1. DeMorrieaux says:


      WHO and WHAT is this?
      *rolling to Jerusalem*


  11. Kayshawy says:

    Hahahaha……how did I miss this debate??? This Yinka shaa…you are awesome on many fronts but it will be interesting to see your views about the lady that settled.
    With all your ‘shakara’ it’s easy to see that you like man *winks*….please leave the fantasy of prince charming behind and start thinking about a KING! Yeah I guess you’ve seen too much..lol
    I enjoyed this piece and I hope you run into Banky and Wellignton again and yes you must blog about that encounter…who knows something good might come out of Nazereth..oh sorry Vienna!
    Yinkus Pinkus! Character….loooool

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      LOL Character indeed? Hahaha.. na today? :p
      Don’t mind that Tina girl, she’s one insecure person like that.. trying to grab attention through pseudo-wise words. Soon she will email me to ask for Tokunbo’s and your details lol Mchewwww..

      Anyhow, I think I’ll comment on the “Settling Issue” in a separate post. All these talk about romance.. I bow ohh.. One must not live on love alone..

      And for all you doubting Thomases, if Jesus could “come out of Nazareth”, anything good (especially love and all things related) can come out of Vienna! Ha *dropkicks*

  12. habs says:

    LOL! You didnt mention the part where you collected Mr B’s cell #! Poor Mr W in the background. Atleast he was laughing and not staring bored.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      LOL cos I did NOT collect any number :p
      Since I have the addy, I’m ok tho..
      I shall keep you all updated. Hahaha

  13. malota says:

    Hahahaha you are cute and your convo in the comments section, LMAO..

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      I am cute? *blushing*

      Pls, help me tell them oh!!
      (“Them” being the likes of the two bobos, and yes, maybe even Olatoxic..and Kayshawy LOL You never can tell :D)

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