Daddy’s Little Girl

We never spoke about it.

Tima was a screamer
and the walls here had ears.
He didn’t mind though,
their relationship was no secret.

She was his favourite.

He was not bothered about what we’d think,
it was her turn..
And we accepted it.

She screamed every night.
The others heard it too.
Her pleads, his dreading,
his pushes, her begging,
her cries, his spreading.

Wasn’t she used to it by now?

Her voice would increase,
become more aggressive,
then again less so,
the sounds of his thrusts and moans increasing,
him finally releasing..

He loved her

Why wouldn’t she just shut up?
Had she not learnt submission
from us?
Why did she always have to fight back?
She thought herself better.

I hated her.


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