21 Questions (I): Thoughts

1. How do you think?
I think patterns, connections, links. I think reasons, causes, effects. I think purpose and impact. I think big picture.

2. Do you enjoy your thoughts?
I do, immensely so. I enjoy them much more than I do conversations.

3. Do you talk to yourself?
Yup, and that very often! Not dialogues though, mind you; monologues. I think aloud. I love the sound of my own voice.

4. Do you enjoy sharing your thoughts?
No, not really. I find it difficult to voice them properly. I find my thought-process somewhat complicated and complex at times; difficult to fully comprehend myself. Unless I think the other person worthy or deserving of my (deep) thoughts and beliefs, I don’t really bother sharing.. it’s too much work.

5. Do you share freely?
My thoughts? When I think it is important to, it matters to the other, or has the potential to change something significant(ly), then I do; freely, but not easily.. with a selected few/one. Ok, in one word: No.

6. What bothers you about your thinking the most?
It takes a lot of time. I spend most of my time thinking, analysing, calculating, forming associations. Sometimes I wish I could just STOP and live. I succeed.. once in a while. I just wish it came a bit more naturally. But hey, that’s life..

7. What do you think about the most?
God, life/ purpose/ vision, career, love. I think a lot about the future. I don’t think much about the past.. It’s always looking ahead, trying to picture (and perhaps plan towards) life.
Also: my emotions. I think more about my feelings than I actually feel them, if that makes sense. Like, I realize I’m upset but rather than giving in to the emotion, I sit down and mechanically analyse all the pieces that could have led to that particular emotion. I seek understanding what I feel more than experiencing the fullness of it. Sometimes I wish I could just feel a bit more, but then, thinking about it, I am happy I don’t. Hehe..


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