21 Questions (II): Honesty

1. Would you consider yourself an honest/truthful person?
Yes, absolutely. Painfully honest, actually.

2. Would others agree?
Yup. I’ve even been encouraged to learn how to sugar-coat the truth a bit.. numerously!

3. How do you define truthfulness?
The quality of being unbiased, truthful, upright and fair- even when it costs me or a loved one.

4. Have you ever wished to not have been so honest in a particular situation?
I’ve often had to deal with the consequences of my brutal honesty, but I’d rather deal with that, than being untrue to myself; so I guess the answer is: nope!

5. How do you define being untruthful/ dishonest?
 Possessing a lack of integrity and uprightness, the act of being deceiving and/or deceptive; cheating; covering or altering the truth; being conniving or corrupt.

6. Have you cheated (in a relationship/ on a test) before? (If yes, were you honest about it?)
Relationship: Yup.
Was I honest about it? Yup; and not caught-in-the-act kinda honest.. but simply straightforward and honest.
Test: Nope, my conscience wouldn’t let me lol! Quite ironic, isn’t it..

7. Is there anything wrong with being dishonest?
Of course there is; although I must say I do understand some people’s logic behind hiding the truth: fear and/or wanting to buy time. Bad thing is, it eventually always comes out: bigger, worse, and more detrimental. If it’s bad enough to need to be hidden, it’s obviously too important not to discuss, and too big a problem to be ignored<– my logic.


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  1. dudubeauty says:

    Nice thoughts on honesty!

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