The (Pre-Salvation) Questionnaire

Ok, today I’m answering a questionnaire I actually wrote to/for a friend. Some questions (and their answers) will sound familiar (21 Questions) but I didn’t want to change/edit too much; so bare with me. Btw, feel free to answer these questions yourself.. and share! No one will judge.. (iHope) lol.

Here you go:

A) On being a cheat

  1. Have you ever cheated? Yup
  2. More than once? Yup
  3. On a boy you loved? N/A- haven’t really been in love.
  4. With a boy you liked? Yup. Wouldn’t really have made sense if I didn’t like him.. enough.
  5. With an Ex? Yup ( ._.)
  6. Define “cheating”:  In regards to romantic relationship: Being dishonest, untruthful, or deceiving in attitude, behaviour, action towards someone you’re committed to; engaging in acts that could be seen as having broken trust and compromised faithfulness towards said spouse.
  7. Do you want to change any of your previous answers? Nope
  8. If yes, which one? N/A
  9. If you ever did cheat, why? Out of selfishness and rebellion; perhaps to punish him.. myself? I was immature, carefree, and reckless.
  10. Do you think there’s anything wrong with cheating? Then, nope. Now, most definitely.
  11. Do you really mean it (Q10)? I certainly do.

B) On being honest

  1. Would you consider yourself an honest person? An unequivocal YES.
  2. Why? Because I know I am.
  3. Would others agree? Painfully so.
  4. Do you care? About honesty? Absolutely. Do I care for ppl to be honest to me? Absolutely, yes!
  5. How do you define “being honest”? As said before: The quality of being unbiased, truthful, upright and fair- even when it costs me or a loved one.
  6. Would you like to change any of the previous answers? Nope.
  7. If yes, which one? N/A
  8. Why? N/A
  9. Do you lie as a sport? Never
  10.  Do you derive special pleasure from being dishonest? I pride myself in my truthful character. Dishonesty on all levels is a No No!

C) On likes and dislikes

  1. Do you like more than you dislike? I like many things.. I hope I like more than I dislike..
  2. What do you like particularly? Honesty, standing up for what you believe in, someone who can hold his own in a conversation/debate, being a (wo)man of your word, good manners, humour, wit.
  3. What do you dislike particularly? Rudeness, dishonesty, bad manners, bad time-management.
  4. Are you easily pleased? I try to appreciate all things.
  5. Would others agree? Unfortunately, I fear others feel it is much more difficult to please me than it actually is. I “judge” intentions, not necessarily actions.
  6. Do you please easily? I do, when I care.
  7. Do you care to please? I care to please when I care about someone/something.
  8. Do you care more about being pleased, than pleasing? I care about balance.

D) On life

  1. Something you are particularly proud of: My personal growth and development.
  2. Something you wish you hadn’t done: Many things I now know I probably shouldn’t have engaged in; no regrets though.
  3. Something you wish you could change right now: My location..
  4. Something you especially look forward to: The person I’ll spend the rest of my life (living, being, travelling) with.
  5. Quote to live by: “I am truly a king because I know how to rule myself.”- Pietro Aretino

E) Randomness

  1. Your favorite book: Redeeming Love
  2. Why? First book that ever made me cry. It touched me.. deeply. It healed many wounds.
  3. Things you would prefer to do on your own: Hmm.. that’s a difficult one. Probably read a book. Spend time thinking..
  4. Things you would rather do with someone else (apart from sex): Travel!!
  5. Something you would love to do, but know you probably never will: Lol. I won’t say!
  6. Topics you do not wish to discuss: Hmmm.. another difficult one. Not too sure.. I’d need a list to pick and choose from 🙂
  7. A song that always makes you smile: “Titilaye, iwo l’Oba” It reminds me of the fact that no matter what I go through, God is still God!
  8. Your closest/dearest friend:  N/A
  9. Why? Quite a few people call me their closest friend, but people have different standards.. ( ._.)
  10. Facts (about you) that usually surprise others: That I’m really perfectly balanced. Spend enough time around/with me and you’ll see there’s a really quiet side to me too. Also, I guess.. that I’m neither angel nor demon.. I am just me! “Never judge a book by it’s cover” probably applies to me more than it does to any other human being I know. I am not your (first, second, third or even 10th) impression. Not too sure whether that is a good or bad thing.
  11. Your deepest and darkest most morbid secret: LOL *dropkicks*

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom says:

    Haha.. nice and honest.
    Might answer some questions myself 🙂

  2. J says:


  3. dudubeauty says:

    awwwwww….Redeeming love made me cry too! Perfect depiction of Christ and the church, at least to me 🙂

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      I’m telling you!!!
      Had to share it with all of my friends, and they all loved it too.
      It was this book that made me fall in love with F. Rivers.
      God’s unconditional and unchanging love.

  4. FP says:

    u dis girl..

  5. femmelounge says:

    i actually really like questionnaires like this. it makes you stop for a minute and think to answer the questions.

  6. habs says:

    Ok. This is me being twisted by linking C8 to E4 and E5… 😆

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      I’m missing the link.. -___-

  7. habs says:

    D2 – (just my personal opinion o!). I find it difficult to understand why people usually say ‘they wished a decision or past action never happened BUT don’t regret nothing’ 😕

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hindsight! Obviously, looking back, I realize there are mistakes I could have easily avoided.. but regret (with the definition “to remember with a feeling of loss or sorrow”) I do not.
      I look back and smile because I now know better.. and make better decisions. I have learnt from my short-comings; so I do not “cry over spilt milk”.. I simply choose to move on.

      Don’t know if that makes it clearer…

  8. habs says:

    The definition as ‘loss and sorrow’ takes it to another level. I guess am looking at it as being dissatisfied about a past error. Accepting (whatever) as a conscious mistake and realizing at least some sort of remorse. Obviously one has to move on but taking responsibility and feeling bad about it doesn’t necessarily mean crying over split milk. This isn’t a debate sha… and I know you will blast me again. lol

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Lol.. of course you’d have to be dissatisfied about an error..
      That’s why it’s an error.. and a mistake.. cos it is/was WRONG. The word itself says it all.. Just that I feel “regret” might be something you carry within. Once you’ve dealt with an issue and learnt from it, it become a lesson. It is no longer something you look at/remember with shame and yes, a feeling of loss/sorrow lol.

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