I Want to Fall in Love

I have a friend I love very much.
That friend is as lovely as can be.
That friend is a girl.
And she is just like me.

She was born on a faithful Sunday..
On September 28; just like myself
And yes, in the year of our Lord 1986 as well.
We call each other “Twinny“.

When we talk- which does not happen often, but regularly anyway- we don’t “catch up”.
We hardly ask each other what’s been happening or what’s new.
Scarcely ever fill each other in on what transpired during our “absent moments”.

We just carry on talking from where we stand. Here and now. As though neither time nor space ever stood separating the two of us.

Although she lives thousands of miles away, the love, respect and understanding we have for and of each other makes the distance seem infinitesimal.

She texted me some days ago:
I want to fall in love!”

I read and smiled.
I felt the same way.
I think it fair to say, we both probably constantly feel this way.
One of the many things we share in common.

She texts quite often.. always randomly.
Sometimes I reply; often I don’t.
But there are no hard feelings.
Sometimes I email her just to say “I just thought about you.” without wanting, needing or even expecting a reply.

We have that understanding.
That je-ne-sais-quoi.. “Feel free to share what’s on your mind.. I’m here to just sit and listen.”

Sometimes we talk about life.. future.. plans.. love.. God.. or even nothing at all.
The more we talk, the more I feel I have a soul-mate in far-far-away.
One who just naturally gets me. Who understands me without me having to explain.

One who probably has as many flaws as me, and is humble enough to accept them.
One who asks for and appreciates advice. Who sees the importance of acquiring wisdom.
And one who likewise gives it out freely.
A friend who is aware of her own short-comings, yet confident enough to stand up tall and embrace herself.
A beautiful lady, who loves the Lord just as much, yet does not feel the need to succumbs to the pressure of having to be perfect or acting holier-than-thou.

When I think of her, I smile.
I smile because it often feels like looking into a mirror and beholding my own imperfect reflection.
Excited about a seemingly insignificant vessel of clay constantly being shaped.. and lovingly moulded by The Potter.

Today, I want to appreciate a friend who has helped me love, embrace and cherish myself like no one else probably ever could.. all by simply being!

Kachi, I love you! 

May the good Lord continue (and finish) the good work He has begun in you/us!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. 0latoxic says:

    I love this post.

  2. habs says:

    Aw thats so sweet. lol. Its hard not to assume you will be each others bridesmaid and kids godmothers

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hehehe.. I don’t even know if I’ll have one at all..

  3. Kachi says:

    To say I have not read this post about 13 times, I will be lying. Maybe 14 including today. The note describes everything about me, I woke up to your email and had the best day in a while. I had to forward the link to all my friends and colleagues. Few got the chance to send back comments. A good friend Bimpe wrote ” It was beautiful…If she was a man i would have said you have found your soul mate..Its true…Don’t you want a man that will write something that beautiful in honor of you?..tell me you will not tear that mans ***890* apart”
    I must say, this is a very beautiful write up, the part when you said I text randomly..I laughed out so loud. It is rare to have friends take time out of their busy schedule to appreciate friendships.
    So I say, thank you very much Yinka, thank you for listening, encouraging, advising, telling me the truth about some decisions I almost made without thinking them through. I love love you and can’t wait to see you..
    And yes “I want to fall inlove”

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hahaha.. glad I could make you smile. 🙂
      And yes, you text super randomly! Sometimes I want to do the same, but then I remember it’s Mommy paying the bill.. *covers face in complete shame*
      But no longer.. so I too shall randomly text you!
      The best part is when they come at 3am my time. I wake up, read, hiss, laugh, fall asleep… wake up in the morning, read again, and smile lol. I love it!


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