I almost had to pee in my pants, going through and selecting these pictures.
I just want to take a moment to earnestly thank God for my life… *minute of silence*.
I absolutely do not understand where I got my confidence from, why people cared to be seen with my in public, why men showed interest in me. I.stand.confused.baffled.amazed.
Considering what I know now, I had little to be confident about ( ._.) and yet.. I had friends. It is the doing of the Lord!

I don’t understand why or how this always happens. You always feel cool- until you see yourself a year later.. and cannot help but wonder.. HOW? WHY? Did no one notice?
Today, I am angry at my friends and my family; people who should have known better than to let me out of the house the way I looked. ( ._.)
I am angry, looking at my friends then and seeing THEY looked perfectly alright, while I had to stand out as the odd one. Maybe that’s what earned me respect in the end, the fact that I was just… well, “different”.

I am glad I look muuuuuuch better today. I might not be the best looking, but I have come a veeeery long way LOL. I am sharing the following pics (dated 2007- 2010), knowing fully well that- seeing as I am the one publishing them- no one will have any material to use to ridicule me when I am rich and famous.. -___-

I look ridiculous in 40%, outright pathetic (eg. sitting on the floor) in probably 35%, and somewhat cute in the rest.. but what they all did was bring back some great memories! Pictures all taken all around: Austria, Turkey, the UK,  Denmark.. more locations to follow soon (Nigeria, Italy, Hungary, etc.. they are scattered all over the place lol)

That’s the beautiful thing about taking pictures (the way I do/ used to): no moment gets lost.. 😀

(p.s. I had to throw in some pictures of my fam and friends too lol. Pictures are in no particular order, safe for the final two!)


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May the beautification continue…


7 Comments Add yours

  1. dudubeauty says:

    Awwww…You are so pretty!!!!!!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      I think I look rather monkey-ish in half the pics ( ._.) but we thank God for His mercy and grace.. lol
      – especially that green dress, those D&G shades, and the purple specs though (these I still wear at times! LOL).. gosh!!! *smh*

      1. dudubeauty says:

        I think for some random reasons we tend to be hard on our selves..lol..I promise, you don’t look bad at all in this pics! You look gorgeous..Lovely skin and pretty eyes..what more can a girl ask for…huh?

  2. jegzy says:

    you are so ridiculous. i cant believe i went through every picture looking for the bad one. smh. you are so beautiful even with the brown hair and the bald head. esp the afro. and u have lovely eyes. smh, just looking for excuse to post your photos. :p

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      LOL! So not.. but thanks, Jegzy!! *blushing*

      Obviously, I kept my 10 worst pictures out of there.. and the sight of humanity for eternity!!! Haha :p

  3. jegzy says:

    o yeah, i see tobz, kelz, lorraine, and jennifer

  4. DeMorrieaux says:

    This amazing feeling you get when you look at old pics!!

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