Things That Make Me Smile

I’ve had a few really awesome ideas for short-stories in my head but I fear the idea might be much more beautiful than the completed work, and so: you must wait for it. Tarry a bit; be patient with me.. and I shall write the vision down on paper. See what I did there? \(°▽°)/

Anyhow.. today, I want to talk about 7 things that make me smile. #Randomness toh bahd (in no particular order)!

  • (#1) My room here in Vienna. What I love about it the most is what happens outside its window: birds!! I don’t know what kind of birds, as I hardly ever enjoy their sight; what I do enjoy about them, however, is their twitter! Every single morning (yes, they are faithful like that) I wake me to the most melodious sound ever. They twitter away like there’s no tomorrow. In a way, I’ve come to understand they are singing praises to their Maker. It’s just so wonderful. While I am still half asleep (around 5.00am) I hear them, and I smile. It’s not like the smell of my father’s cooking that wakes me up and causes me to fume… *arggggh* (don’t get me wrong, my father is a formidable cook- as I like him to believe- but still, no human being should have to be exposed to any kind of strong aroma in the early morning -___-); no, the birds are absolutely awesome! Their chirping just so beautifully calming; Vienna-Philharmonic-Orchestra-like.
  • (#2) Totally unrelated: I love (natural) hair! And I love em on men especially! I love em everywhere: on the head, on the face, on the legs, in fact.. let me just stop here; but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. I just love playing with hair! I do it all the time. You know what? I can actually see myself befriending someone just in order to have that constant bunch of hair in close proximity. I am sad like that. I love me some hair! Ohhh.. I’ve been day-dreaming about playing with my husband’s facial hair (aka mane). I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than simply lying down next to the man I love..and playing with his hair (okay.. iLie); but yessssss. I.Love.Hair! A man with lots of hair (minus hair on the chest *pukes*) makes me smile.
  • (#3) Watching people/pairs- whether they laugh, joke, play, or fight. Simply watching people interact with each other, makes me smile. Sometimes I wonder what they’re talking about. I make up stories as I go along, knowing fully well it’s my imagination keeping me entertained, rather than the reality of what is really happening in front of me. Still, I enjoy it. I like watching couples especially: the way they talk to each other, communicate with their words and bodies. I also enjoy watching individuals (non-stalking-kinda-way) though. It’s interesting.. watching a person read, listen to music, stare into nothingness, or simply do what I do: watch others. Highly amusing, I tell you!
  • (#4) This one’s a bit perverse, but hey.. it’s me, and so I’ll share it anyway: I love denying myself of pleasures! I don’t just like the idea of being super self-controlled, I like reminding myself of it.. by inflicting some (sometimes totally unnecessary martyr-like) pain upon my mortal self. You’re beginning to imagine and wonder? Well, don’t! I’ll be very clear: I love going to a store and finding an item I totally want to call mine, an item I can totally afford, an item I am totally convinced should hang in my closet, yet walk away from it. It’s rather grotesque at times. I sag my head and lower my shoulders, yet smile. My heart leaps for joy, saying, “Well, done, Yinka! You do not need it. You must not have it. You are so totally in control of your desires. You are awesome!” This alone gives me about 75% of the satisfaction that possessing the actual piece would have given me. Not to bad ey? Pleasure with a full-purse. Not too bad after-all. Same counts for chocolate (although I am less likely to be that perverse when it comes to that, and simply go ahead to buy it anyway. One can and should not deny himself of all possible human pleasures.. *stone me*). So, yes, exercising self-control totally makes me smile!
  • (#5) Somewhat related to #4: I love appreciating people I know I won’t ever call mine. I don’t know why. It takes away the burden. Some call it fear, I don’t know. I don’t think it is, because it makes me smile! I like meeting new people, spending tons of time getting to know them initially, and then letting them go. I do not really have that which they call “the fear of rejection” or “the fear of letting go”. I actually take pleasure and confidence in the fact that I can simply like someone a lot, and then move on; without looking back. Sometimes I look back and smile at beautiful memories. At first it causes some pain.. but even that makes me smile. It reminds me of the fact that my emotions run very deep. And then, when I look at pictures or read an exchange of emails, I smile again.. remembering just how wonderful it was to meet that person, looking forward to meeting the next. I’m not referring to romantic relationships here, mind you, but all kinds of human interactions and encounters. I love welcoming people into my life, sharing a part of myself, and receiving a part of theirs, then watch them leave again. Am I sad? Oh well, it makes me smile.
  • (#6) Myself! My reflection in the mirror. I love it. Now, I’m fully aware of the fact that I am not the most beautiful woman on the planet; but I do believe I am totally hawt! Although there are a thousand (iExaggerate) things I could probably change about myself to make me a 9.5 (rather than an 8.9), but I think I’m okay with just being who/what I am. And when I say “my reflection”, I am not as much referring to the outside me (although that’s all part of the package), as I am to my “inner-man”. I like my personality… a lot. I often wish people were a tad more like mOi. Now, I love and cherish variety and the fact that people are so totally different. I like the fact that the average human being is more emotional, more in the here-and-now, and typically much less concerned about the fate of the universe than me, but I sometimes really do wish people considered the big picture more than their own little worlds. Oh well, story for another day. Bottom-line: I smile when I look at myself. There are so many stories contained within me. Stories (were I not me) I’d love to hear. When I look at myself I remember where I’ve been, appreciate where I’m now, and look forward to where I’m going; and this so makes me smile!
  • (#7) Last but not least: prayer! It makes me smile, not because I’m a nun or a believer who loves spending Monday- Sunday in church, but because I have that steely confidence my prayers are being heard and answered (according to His will). I smile when I pray, and afterwards, because I find peace. I can pray and lay it all at His feet, knowing there’s someone now in charge who is fully capable of dealing with the issues laid out. I smile because I remember the numerous prayers that I’ve prayed and that have been answered, and His promise that my expectations will not be cut short. I smile because, in prayer, I really do know: It is well!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. rachel says:

    Your list of things that make you smile just made me smile.:D and I totally can relate to no2,I Love Me Some Hair…!!!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Haha, I’m glad it did. Thanks! 🙂

  2. dudubeauty says:

    I Like the way you write!You take people on a journey and by the end they feel what you felt.

    I can totally relate to number 4!

    As for number 5, I am totally the opposite, if i know i can’t have you,

    1) I would avoid you or

    2) Not share myself completely

    I’m crazy sacred of rejection sometimes, but i’m working on it.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Awww.. thanks for the compliment! 🙂

      I guess we all (to a lesser or greater extend) seek self-preservation. I, for one, am way too interested in many people (for different, or no reasons lol) to be sad over the fact that I cannot always have whom/what I want. I’ve decided to (at times, when I want something) just take it all, take as much as I can, make do with what I get, or not make do at all.
      It’s beautiful we are all so very different, however. My love is of an intellectual, rather than emotional nature (not the most desirable of emotions), so I understand (logically) why one would not want to expose oneself to potential hurt..

      For what it’s worth, I shall not reject you.. ever! lol *bear hug*

  3. habs says:

    Birds; I enjoy watching them gather/play/fight/court… but sometimes its like Angry Birds sounds in the morning… some loud annoying sounds (not singing) are rather bothering.

    Hair; I find it irritating when a girl says “don’t to touch my hair, it was just done”. Maybe am selfish cos I like running my fingers through just as a little girl enjoys braiding her doll’s.

    Watching; There’s nothing like the sight of toddlers play together. Their innocence, naiveness and non-judgmental minds is unique as no other. I try to avoid couples mainly because it might arouse a little jealousy or some kind of nostalgia. But its interesting nonetheless.

    I avoid ‘window shopping’ temptations that I can’t afford… Would most likely end up going out of my way to acquire them one way or the other.

    A girl out of my league doesn’t exist. lol. Yeah I wish! I still appreciate based certain qualities either way… Just as I admire you 🙂

    I rarely admire my looks, though I know am quite handsome. lol. I do find myself questioning my character; as I have strayed from developing into the man that I ought to be. hmmm

    Prayer is good… People don’t realise number of times they do it habitually & unconsciously. It’s what we do even when hope is dim; obviously for the believer but the non as well.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Awwwww Tunji!!

      You’re so sweet. I love your comment(s) on each point hehe *bear hug*
      You may always play with my hair 🙂
      Windowshopping: Is there anything you cannot afford? *side-eye* Let me not expose you here!! lol
      I get the thing about watching couples.. feeling thus (nostalgic etc.) does happen at times, but it’s no bad feeling 😉
      And yes, we know you’re quite good-looking too *rolling my eyes*. I find your character more beautiful than you, btw. Don’t blush lol


  4. malota says:

    Love this dear…keep on smiling

  5. DeMorrieaux says:

    Reading this – two years later- just made me smile..

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