Vienna’s Summer Night Concert: Dances and Waves

My past couple of days have been busy but wonderful.

On Thursday I ran a few errands for my folks, as it was going to be my last (full) day in Vienna, met up with my cousin and had Frappucinos at Starbucks (never knew they did Happy Hour! Got 1 + 1free.. yay!); afterwards met up with another friend, then went back home to get changed, and then finally headed out for the Sommernachtskonzert!!

For those of you who know a bit about classical music and culture, you would at some point or the other have heard about the famous Sommernachtskonzert (Summer Night Concert) by Vienna’s renown Philharmonic Orchestra. The baton holds this free open-air concert at the palace gardens Schönbrunn once a year (since 2004). This year’s concert was conducted by the Venezuelan Conductor Gustavo Dudamel.

My pictures didn’t turn out as good as the featured image (they were taken with an iPhone), but they should give you a rough idea of just how busy Vienna gets around this time of the year. It is an especially beautiful experience, as people from all around Europe fly in just to partake. There are an estimated 100.000 people in the gardens, enjoying classical music and the ballet dancers. This year’s program included pieces from Debussy to Tschaikowski.

right behind me..
right before me..

It’s a shame I didn’t take a video- especially of the ballet dancers- as they are absolutely breath-taking and always perform with so much passion and dedication. They believe in their stories! It’s just to enthralling to watch.
I found last year’s summer night concert a bit better; but that could have been due to the fact that I was much closer to the stage and hence had a better view. It’s not as enticing when having to watch most of the concert on a huge screen.
Anyway, I did not stay till the end this time, as I needed to get home and pack!! So yeah, I left after a bit over an hour, bumped into a lovely friend of mine, spent another 30mins-or-so catching up, and eventually headed back home.


The following day started interesting, as I was awoken by a BritishAirways text message, informing me my flight to London had been cancelled!!! I eventually managed to reserve a seat on another flight, but was not automatically confirmed (as I was soon to find out). Upon arrival at the airport there were a number of people scattered about the hall- in utter confusion- as they had not been aware of any flight cancellations- and were now battling over the last seats on the other (“my new”) plane. It was by divine intervention that I was given the last seat, which was delayed.. twice! Due to “bad weather conditions in London”.

This made me think, you know. More so in light of recent events in Nigeria, and air-safety in general. Whereas people are usually upset about a flight being cancelled or delayed, no one murmured yesterday, since Nigeria has (yes, here too) been heavily covered in the news. People have come to apreciate safety now much more than being on-schedule. What is a right schedule in comparison to life? But I digress..

In a nut-shell: the average human being would have summarized yesterday’s events with one word: stressful! I, however, choose to look at it as somewhat of an excitement in my usually rather easily predictable (depending on your definition anyway) life.

I got to London, was dropped off by my brother-in-law-to-be, quickly slipped into another outfit, and headed to my friend Sumbo’s place in preparation for her hen-night!! Okay, going into detail here would make this post too long, but.. we had fun!!

I don’t usually go out, none of us really does (anymore) but we decided to last night. Keeping ourselved entertained with “Dare or Dare” games.. Yes, last night we couldn’t care less about the truth.. it was all about being daring.

My dare: (1) find someone with white.. (2) ask him if his (1- whatever it is) is real.

I walked up to a young guy in a white t-shirt. This was our conversation:

Me: Oh, I like your t-shirt.
Him: Oh, thanks.
Me: Is it real?
Him: Well, it’s Hugo Boss.
Me: Hmmm.. okay. But is it real?
Him: Is it a real Hugo Boss?
Me: Well, yeah, tell me.
Him (laughing): Yes, of course it’s real.
Me: Hmm.. okay. Where did you buy it?
Him: From Hugo Boss.
Me: Yes, but where? In a store or at the market?
Him (laughing): In a store of course.
Me: Okay, cool.
(I wink, I walk.. away)

Obviously, at that point.. I was feeling like a bawse.. with all the girls hailing me and cheering loudly. Needless to say, I soon felt guilt.. “Oh no, I don’t want him to think I was just teasing him. It’s not like I was trying to be rude, etc..” That, plus the fact that I was just feeling like making conversation anyway, I walked back..

Me: Hey, just to explain. It’s my friend’s hen-night and we’re playing a Dare-game. It’s not like I came and said all that to be rude, it was a dare..
Him (laughing): Nah, nah.. it’s fine. So, what’s your name?
Me: No, I didn’t come here to chat you up or anything. I just wanted to explain that I wasn’t being rude or funny or anything.
Him: Nah, it’s cool. I’m not offended. So, tell me, what’s your name.
Me: Hmmm.. okay. Yinka.
Him: You’ve not always lived here, right?
Me: Nope. And I don’t actually live here anymore. Just here on a holiday..
Him: Okay, you sound Jamaican though..
Me: Maybe I sound that to you because you are tipsy.
Him: Hahaha.. nah.. I’m so not. Like, your top.. it’s red.
Me: Ehm, no. Actually, it’s orange.
Him (laughing): Okay. Well, it’s dark, so..
Me: Yeah.. of course, it’s dark (rolling my eyes) Anyway, I’m Nigerian. Where are you from?
Him: Sierra Leone
Me: Okay, interesting. So what’s your name?
Him: Ar….
Me: Aristo? (laughing)
Him: No.. Eri…
Me: Eristoff? Like.. the drink?
Him: Nahhhh.. Ari..
Me: Oh, okay (I did not get it, but at that point I really couldn’t be bothered…)

We spoke for a few more mins and I walked away. For those interested: no numbers were exchanged that night.. at all! The others picked and carried out their dares too and we had a good time dancing.. until the club closed.. at 2.30am!!!!! Needless to say: we were shocked!! I was tempted to demand my money back but then again: whatever..

We walked out and stood in front of the entrance.. waiting for our cab to arrive. And as we stood there waiting, looking at Naija boys posing in their rented cars, trying to chat girls up, we watched the girls.. in nothing but a blazer and panties (!!!! not even shorts!!!! or tightts!!!!!) do their thing. Jesus is coming soon.

Anyway, that was that. Half of the group drove home, the other half headed back so Sumbo’s place where we (I say “we” because I was one of them) slept over; just to wake up again 4 hours later and start another hectic day. Wedding-prep no be beans!:D