Although my limbs and back hurt immensely, my dear friend Toyin (girl in the stunning golden dress at the wedding) and my pretty self decided to take a trip to Birmingham. It was my first time and I was adamant we walked around the town center.

As we arrived rather late (we took the fast train from London around 4pm) there really wasn’t much to do once we got to Bham, and so simply decided to go to the movies. I loved the cinema!! 5-star cinema chilling (for those of you who’ve added me on my BB, you would have noticed how excited I was via my status update)! We had reclining chairs, drinks, and unlimited popcorn.. it was more than “chillaxing”.. but for the movie! Folahan (Toyin’s brother) set us up *arggggh* telling us to go and see Prometheus! Arguably one of the worst movies both Toyin and I had ever seen (after Araromire, The Figurine- please don’t argue!)… *sighs*

Anyway, after the movie we went to get dinner from Nando’s, then took a cab back home and went to bed. The following day we did a bit of window shopping. Here a few pics (and for a change, I feature :D). The day was concluded by coming back to London, taking the tube to church (to attend Monday’s prayer meetings) and then parting from Toyin, after having spent almost the entire week with her. I don’t like saying or admitting it often, but I love the girl!!!

Here some pics..

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