Knightsbridge: Maroush

This shall be today’s final update.

I’m fully aware of the fact that I have been depriving you of some ME, and I’m really sorry about that. Hence, why I’m trying to make up by giving you a 3-in-1 today. *innocent smile*

Yesterday (Tuesday, June 19) I accompanied Toyin and her sister to a handful of flat-viewings around St. Johns Wood and Maida Vale. Having done that, we took the tube to Knightbridge, where my friend Irene works, and then had a nice lunch at Maroush (check out their website here), a really nice Lebanese restaurant. I was rather disappointed (I wouldn’t lie to you) about the falafels I had ordered, but loved the lentil soup and some of the other small dishes (needless to say: all to share); especially the humus with lamb! Whoever knows me, knows I love me some Humus!!! Some of the dishes you’ll see in the pictures are something with potatoes, spicy fish, spicy salad, chicken wings, shawarma.. and some things I do not know *shrug*..

Once again, some pics..
Side-note: I pray thee all, pay no attention to the rather rough and scattered and- in all honesty- inexcusable state of my hair ( ._.)

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