Relationships are funny, you know.

Especially those between non-related individuals. There is so much learning and understanding to be done.
Funny thing is, people stress more over being understood, than doing some understanding themselves.

We care much about our intentions, minimizing our actions; while at the same time judging others based on how they act, disregarding the intention behind their behaviour.

Relationships are funny.

I am realizing this all-the-more, as I am beginning to grasp the reality of my rather “different personality”. I have always chosen to embrace the fact that I am different, and have also always seen other people, every single individual, as being different, unique, and special in their own right. I look at people with the eyes of an innocent child trying to figure out how “this” works. I look at people and get excited because I appreciate the fact that I have just -in a way- been granted access into someone else’s world, and am thrilled and thoroughly looking forward to the discoveries I am bound to make as I draw closer.. even if only for a short while.

Relationships are funny.

And I say this a third time, because I am only just realizing how “similar” most people are, and how just so very different that makes me. Maybe I am discovering more of who I am. Maybe I am going through a crisis. Maybe I am tired of people telling me there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I am over-thinking things. Maybe I need to chill. Or, maybe, just maybe, I should be allowed to simply be me!

People are special.

They are unique, but often choose to hide their uniqueness for fear of standing out, and simply decide to swim with- rather than against- the stream. There is no body anymore. No compatibility. No wholeness. There is so much void, because people are scared to take their place.

Why can’t you embrace who you are, let me be me, and let us figure out how to live together peaceably? The fact that I am so confident in my own skin does not take away from you doing the same. On the contrary! Does it not rather act to encourage you to let your hair down?
My feeling-comfortable does not stem from what I have or hope to be, it stems from Whom I carry within me!

People are special.

And I repeat this for emphasis’ sake. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. I might not be good, but I am better than before. I might not yet have arrived, but I am moving towards a goal. Now, that goal might not be your perception or idea of what I ought to be, but it will be a more glorious picture of who I truly am, and were created to be. Please accept this!

I generally tell people I have no problem moving (from friendships or all other kind of human relationships) because I understand the (more or less sad or inevitable) reality of the fact that you will not get on with everyone. You will not be able to be good friends with most people for longer than a brief or circumstantial period. You will not always have everyone you hang around with now in your life. People come and go; very few stay. So why insist they change because of you? You, a person who is here today and (most probably) gone tomorrow? Let every encounter bring out the best in you; seek to grow and develop through seasons, people, circumstances.. but allow yourself be you.. and allow me be me!. I too am giving you that liberty!

In conclusion:

Spend some time on developing the real you,
Spend less time pretending to be who/what you are not!
Spend more time understanding others,
Spend less time judging others for who they are (not)!

It will make a whole lot of difference.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. habs says:

    Conclusion on point. ++!

  2. dudubeauty says:


    On a lighter note, I love what you are wearing in your avatar! So chic :)…YESSSSSS Honey *Two snaps and a dip*

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hahaha thanks! *hug*

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