When You Fall..

When you’re weak,
because you’ve fallen short,
there is grace..

When you’re about to give up,
because you just can’t seem to get it right,
there is grace..

When you know you don’t deserve it,
because you’ve fallen off the wagon one too many times,
there is grace..

Sometimes we are exceedingly harsh on ourselves because we know we should have known better..
At such moments- I dare say- we probably need it the most..
His grace and His mercy.

It seems unfair.. It makes no sense..
But that exactly is why He is God.. and we are men.
Grace made available to all those who are humble enough to accept it..
The fallibility of man.

There’ll be times we go astray, there’ll be times we lose our way; that’s life.. All a part of life..”


feel free to say something..

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