Clean Slate

Okay, today is a very special day!! It is the very first time I’m having  a guest-writer feature on my blog!
She has no blog (yet), so this is – unfortunately – the only piece of hers you may enjoy for now.

How do you deal with a break up? How far is too far; and when do you stop forgiving? Are there certain things you will simply not forgive because you know you will never forget? Is there such a thing as “forgive and forget”, simply moving on and allowing sleeping dogs rest? Is there such a thing as wiping the slate clean and starting afresh?


Clean Slate

Let’s wipe the slate clean, he says.
As if I’m going to let this go.
Like a friendly ghost
the hurt follows me where I go.
Always two paces behind me
And it sleeps right next to me.
It’s become my crack pipe
and I its feane.
No exorcist is going to separate us two,
We’ve become almost as one,
So I guess I’m fading too.

Let’s wipe the slate clean, he says.
Like I’m going to send my ghost away?
The ghost you left behind
When you broke my heart in two.
It reminds me of what we had
or is it what could have been?
Its crushing presence weighs me down
I muffle as I sleep.

Let’s wipe the slate clean, he says.
Aww.. hell no; it’s way too late for that!
I’ve become my ghost
And my ghost has become me;
I can’t live without it now,
It slipped into my empty hollow soul.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. FP says:

    Lovely post
    Really fascinating to see, hear or read how people deal with things
    Diverse makeups
    Good on sharing

  2. This is beautiful! I love the use of a ghost as metaphor for the burden of feelings that come with the whole situation.

  3. Sumbo says:

    She has a way of using words.
    It really touched me. I love it.

  4. DeMorrieaux says:

    I like it too.. especially the first paragraph.
    Comparing the relationship with her ghost to that of “a crack pipe and its feane”.. loved the analogy!
    It just shows the intensity of the pain.. a hurt that can’t go away..
    Or she won’t let.. Sometimes we choose not to get over a past hurt.
    We get so used to it, we find it difficult to imagine living without it now.
    Sometimes we enjoy the pain too..

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