Biblical Foundations For Manhood And Womanhood

Those of you who either know me personally or have spent some time reading my posts, would know that I am all about relationships (on all levels).

Today, I have a very special gift for you: a book! I am really not much of an e-reader, as I believe in holding a printed book in my hands, smelling and turning pages, using a (real) bookmark, etc. but in a way technology has made it extremely easy to share media in an (almost) unlimited way.

I have spoken a bit about marriage and written on it too. Today I want you to do some of that, and perhaps (after you’ve read it or any chapters of the book) come back and share some insights, truths.

The book consists of roughly 300 pages, so do take your time and feel free to comment at any point. What do you (dis)agree with, and why? I haven’t fully read it, so I’ll be sharing my POV as well.

So, here it is:

Biblical Foundations For Manhood And Womanhood by Wayne Grudem

Feel free to share!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Belles Pomme says:

    Can you please email me that e-book I believe it is called “The Normal Christian” by Nee. If you still have it.
    Will really appreciate it if you can…

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      So sorry I’m just replying now.
      Yup, will email it.. finally ( ._.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Men and women share equally in the tremendous privilege of being in the image of God.
    The Bible thus almost immediately corrects the errors of male
    dominance and male superiority that have come as the result of sin and
    that have been seen in nearly all cultures in the history of the world.
    Wherever men are thought to be better than women, wherever husbands act as selfish dictators, wherever wives are forbidden to have
    their own jobs outside the home or to vote or to own property or to be
    educated, wherever women are treated as inferior, wherever there is
    abuse or violence against women or rape or female infanticide or
    polygamy or harems, the biblical truth of equality in the image of God
    is being denied.”

    ..Loved this! Chapter 1

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