The Lace

Alright, so a couple of days ago I announced on BB that I’d be coming to Nigeria soon, with some of the lace my mom’s been selling in her store here in Austria, and that interested parties should contact me. I got quite a number of responses and was asked to show some samples. I thought it wise(st) to simply take pictures, post them on my blog, and refer people to it here. This is what I am doing now.

All the lace is high quality Austrian and Swiss voile lace (just one or two are brocade). I am not selling any of it online! I am merely advertising, but if you are sure about any one in particular, I will reserve it for you. All of it (apart from a few exceptions) are 5yrds so you’ll be more than sure no one else will have it.
I’ll be in London Aug/Sept; and in Nigeria Sept/Oct, so should you be interested (or know anyone who is), you have enough time to safe up some money till then *wink*. Most of my contacts are in Abuja, so I’ll (by God’s grace) be in Lagos, Ondo, and Abuja.

As the lace really is high-quality and (believe me, I’m sorry to have to say this) not comparable to the quality you’ve been sold thus far (I have seen most of it), the prices are non-negotiable, yet very reasonable. I will, however, admit that they might not be affordable for all. If you like to haggle, this is not the place to do so, I’m afraid, as the prices are pretty much set.
I’ll be coming with a few Italian shoes& bags; and Swiss Hayes, Crystal, and Jubilee head-ties(including Damask) too- Pictures on request.

Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to contact me via email ( or BB (29F0FA4D).

Here some samples..

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  1. funkee says:

    Which part of Lagos are u coming to and do u av heavy plain austria laces?

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hi Funke,

      I sent you an email, but I doubt you got it..

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