The Purity Ball

Before I share another post on “The Family“, please watch this video and share your thoughts..

(1) I love the concept.. tremendously. I love the idea of a purity ball and bringing your kids up with a profound understanding of what it means to be sexually pure (physically and mentally); it is what I intend to do BUT I strongly feel some of them need to chill. 6-year-olds at a purity ball? Way too early! I know the world is fast-moving and probably more corrupt and sexual than ever before, but let’s allow kids be kids! An infant should not have to worry about boys or the-like being naughty of coming up too close; leave that for teenagers. I am not of the school of thought that thinks sex education should happen at primary school. Allow them be innocent. Allow them play around and about freely (even with boys), provide a safe and secure environment, and keep an eye on them. I’m sorry, but a 6-year-old should not necessarily have to know more than “daddy loves mommy and they both love us”.

(2) I can totally relate to the young lady, Jessica, who gave up her virginity at the age of 19 and got pregnant; and find it rather sad her relationship with her parents suffered as a result. There is much judging going on on these streets. Of course it would have been perfect to remain a virgin etc. but how could she not know anything about sex, protection and pregnancy? At all? Something’s wrong somewhere. I blame the parents, to a rather large extent. Let’s raise our kids to be responsible, educated, open-minded Christians; not ignorant ones! Especially seeing as we want our kids to abstain: let’s teach them what from, at least. Educate them on pregnancy and STDs and other probable/possible consequences. But more importantly: Let’s not only teach them about the consequences but also about its beauty. Drawing a negative picture only will scare them off, rather than encourage them to wait. Being married should be a joyous expectation, not a dread. Jessica felt her miscarriage “saved” her from having to marry her intended. Way too many people are getting married for the wrong reasons. Let’s support and love, unconditionally, and not add extra burdens on those who have “fallen” in our eyes. That is the place of forgiveness and redemption.

(3) There is no need/point brainwashing kids. Some of it sounded rather recited; imply instil an understanding! The young 21-year-old fresher, Colten, seemed to understand it pretty well. He understands the fact that he is very physical and close contact with a female could easily stir up something, hence why he is yet to have his first kiss. He was also honest enough to admit “Waiting until my wedding day is my plan. That’s my plan”, understanding fully well that it might also not happen that way.

I’ll summarize further thoughts in the next couple of posts. But in summary:

It’s not about being possessive or controlling. People rise and people fall. It’s about setting a standard.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. FP says:

    hmm.. at 3:05 n alreday dont want to continue watching to be honest..
    interesting concept.. i get it, not sure if i’m keen on it though..
    i’m all for setting standards tho

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Hmmm. Okay.
      The further you watch, the more interesting it gets though, to be honest..

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