A Very Personal Message

I just sense I have to do this now, and so I will.
I was actually already lying upon my bed, listening to encouraging songs and meditating, but seeing as I’m learning about prompt obedience when receiving instructions, I had to quickly get my laptop and write this.. to YOU!

This message is for one particular person.

When I wrote Adocatus Diaboli, I did not know why exactly I did. Arranged marriage was not on my mind at all; I was actually (unsuccessfully, I now know, but thank God) trying to make a very different point.

Anyway, after reading Olatoxic’s comment, and being reminded of a few things while going about my business, I sensed something.. There was a message in there for YOU.

There is someone just about being “married off” and that person is confused. That person is YOU. You are worried, you are petrified. You are scared. You’re not reading this post by mistake. I do not know how you found this blog, but I sure know it was not by mistake. The Lord has sent me to tell you NOT TO WORRY!

I really have no other message than to tell you He is with you and He’s got you sorted. Hold on to that. You will be okay! That’s a promise; not mine, but His. You will be just fine.

And even if it was meant for evil, the Lord has already made sure it turns around for your own good. It shall be a blessing (not in disguise) for long. Be encouraged..


feel free to say something..

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