Today I’m sharing another poem written by my good friend Toyin; Cries.
She’s written for this blog before; so check out her poem Clean Slate too!


She cries and no one hears 
She cries and no one cares 
She cries and no one dares, 
To ask her why? 
She walks around with tear 
Stained cheeks. 
That glisten when it rains. 
Isn’t it obvious the pain 
She doesn’t try to hide?  
She wears it on her sleeve 
Like a tattoo artist feane. 
The pain so visible, 
To only her is seems. 

If only she could bleed 
And watch this red river run dry. 
Only then will she be free  
As her soul slowly slips away.

– Oluwatoyin Jawando


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  1. itune005 says:

    new here but ff u already

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