Your Own Shall Be Next

Exciting times!

I’m in London right now; having an awesome- and very busy- time preparing for friday’s event: my sister Sola’s wedding!

Just a few weeks ago we were all (all, being my nuclear family minus baby bro, he had exams, and a few other hundreds) in Nigeria, celebrating her traditional wedding; and now we are all (this includes my beloved baby brother) in London- very excited about the church wedding.

I made a huge mistake and you all a grave injustice by not updating my blog while in Lagos, as I just have too many awesome things to share; but thank goodness it is not too late. One of those “lovely things to share” was the hospitality of my eldest sister’s boyfriend, Gbolahan. Frances (that’s my egbon) and Gb had been dating for just about 10months when I finally got to meet and fall in love with him. You know those kinda people you just meet and love? The kind of people you just instantly klick and love spending time with? Well, I hate to admit it but he was/is one of them. So yea, I met him on this Lagos trip.

Fast forward a few weeks (2) and we are all in London; excited about the upcoming event and spending a bit of quality time together, again.

Come Nov 6 (yesterday) and it’s Frances birthdaaaaay!!! We decide to take a few mins (a day, to be precise) out of our busy schedule to celebrate her and the following happens:

8am: Gbolahan presents a new BB to her.

9am: Gbolahan presents a new iPad to her.

2pm: Gbolahan sends Frances flowers and a balloon to work!

5pm: Gbolahan insists Tomatoe and I get her a lovely cake.

7pm: We all meet up for a bday dinner at a friend’s place.

9pm: Sola and her man leave to pick up Mom and Dad from the airport.

10pm: Gbolahan presents the most terrible emotional speech and the most beautiful diamond ring to Fran!!

10.01: Frances is engaged!!

And somewhere between 10pm and 3am there are ladies screaming and crying and dancing and shouting..and- most importantly- celebrating!

An awesome week for the Makinwa’s indeed!

..Apart from the fact that all I have been hearing ever since then has been “Don’t worry, your own shall be next” and I do not know whether to roll my eyes, tell them I’m not in a hurry, or just sigh, I am so full of joy!! I love the fact that I was there when he proposed, live and direct! And that my sister had an awesome and unforgettable birthday! I love the fact that it happened this week too, and that friday will be a double celebration for my family!
But…”Don’t worry, your own shall be next”..? I got so irritated, my dad could not but repeat the phrase a dozen times just to get me to trip (in a not-so-positive way).

..I’m prepared for more of those “You’re next’s” on friday sha.. all those uncles and aunties and others who will feel the need to “encourage” me.. *rolling my eyes*

Can’t we all just be happy for Sola who’s getting married in two days (hurraaaaaay!!) and Fran who’s now popping the most stunning Tiffany’s ring?

You tell me..


10 Comments Add yours

  1. habs says:

    Congrats to them both. I am sure I would have unconciously responded with the same phrase. lol.

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Lol..whatever! And well, thanks! *still dancing*

  2. rachelle says:

    I heard that phrase alot when my siblings left Naija one after the other 😦 ….*yimu*
    Enough to eat this weekend, send my own 😀

  3. dudubeauty says:

    People don’t know how irritating that “encouragement” sounds. Gosh, i was doing great until you decided to indirectly tell me how i must feel…arggghhh.

    Dang, and i do it

    lol…Its coming from love though…I just usually respond with an Amen and an awkward laughter:)

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Lol that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do. There’s no point fighting it as I’d either end up fighting myself or just looking ridiculous lol.
      Besides, I really don’t mind being next after-all. I sure hope my baby brother (who is 7 years younger) doesn’t marry before me LOL

      ( ._.)

  4. faylicious says:

    lolololol….love it! I can identify with “you’re own shall be next” phrase, it has been said to me many-a-times and I’ve been guilty of saying it too!lol. x

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Lol.. seeing as everyone is saying it now, I have decided to join the club as well.
      “Yinka, by the grace of God you’re going to be next.”
      “Amen. In fact, you too..”

      Pfft! Hahaha

  5. faylicious says:

    it has truly been a beautiful week for the Makinwa’s! Congrats to Sola and Frances:)

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