Could This Be Love?

This year started on the highest note ever for me!

Just recently I was discussing “life” with my Tomatoe-baby (Toyin, that is) and discussed how funny it was that out of the two things so important to me (love and career) I had none just a few weeks ago..

But now, come 2013, the Lord has decided to shower His love and mercy upon me. Apart from my upcoming relocation to Nigeria and my new job, I got a beautiful love confession.. Best of all: it wasn’t just any kind of confession, but one from someone I actually want to love back. So yeah, things are happening.. often behind the scenes! 😉

In any case, watch this space!!

And so it was just as fate would have it, that in the mood of love and everything related, I stumbled upon Banky W’s amazing new song and even better video Yes/No!



9 Comments Add yours

  1. TEE says:

    Things are happening ooo!!!!

  2. N says:

    You are relocating to Naija? New love?
    We need to Skype. : )

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      I’m telling you. It’s been such a long time!!
      We need to skype before I change continent and the quality of the network lol.

      How have you been?? Mwaaaahz
      Oh, and Happy New Year! ❤

  3. .I. says:

    CongratulatnsSsssss……Yeah we have loveeee

  4. FranP says:

    Ok o..
    This is major gist!
    Watching this space for sure!!!

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