Easier Said Than Done

Most often it doesn’t hit you immediately..

The depth of the ocean.
The gravity of a situation.
The power of a decision.
The difficulty of alteration..

You don’t really fully realize it at first but
IT. can be. HARD!

You look, you leap. You jump, you fall.
What next but to simply try and move (on)..?

Life prepares you for much, but never for everything.

Often people say “experience is the best teacher”. I guess what they really mean is that “It (whatever that might be) will not kill you“. Although we have all come to learn that those very things they refer to, often kill others. Source: facts, news, common sense. People actually always die!

Just the other day I was told about a woman whose life was claimed by a (recommended amount of) vitamin supplements, added to a plate of shrimps (yes, sea food).

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that all experience teaches you is that you might just be blessed enough to get through it again. Whether it be another flight, another relocation, another plate of shrimps. Nothing more, nothing less. Experience tells you that there is hope, a possible future, a definite purpose- even in this.

There is a stretching, often accompanied by a divine strengthening. A door one can walk through, if only one chooses to be determined, persistent, and resilient. Maybe even relentless. Whatever the outcome (life or death) the emphasis must be laid on trying regardless, I guess.

I’m talking about adjustment..

I really doubt this new life (living in Nigeria) is going to kill me (physically). I just pray it does not play a wicked trick on me and set out to destroy me emotionally, mentally, spiritually..

Many laughed when I told them I’d move to Lagos. I understand why: it really is one of those things that are easier said than done. But in this too I shall be strong..

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
– Psalm 119: 105


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  1. Oluwaseyi says:

    You have a witness here. Its indeed easier said than done. It might get better with time, and then again, it might not. Remind yourself of the reasons why you’re here (I’m sure you prayerfully made that decision) and let that coupled with the grace of God keep you. Almost everything here is a big deal.

    It took me almost 3 years to settle(mentally though) but I guess I’m past that now. That might not be the case for you though.

    Take care and Godspeed!

    1. DeMorrieaux says:


      Yup, that’s definitely what is still (yes, still, after just one week) keeping me here lol.
      I keep telling myself “the Lord knows/knew my capacity before leading me here; so just trust, hold on.”

      May this not be easier said than done. His grace, His grace!

      ( ._.)

  2. Ivy says:

    Be strong. I moved to Lagos cos I got a new job. I can remember crying myself to sleep several times. The “wahala” was so much, missed everything abt my calm life be4 Lagos but here I am many years later fully adjusted and happy.

    Be strong, pray and lean on God every second he will see u thru.

    I found love in Lagos *wink*

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