Say My Name, Say My Name..

There is this  lovely friend of mine; I call him Darlingo.  If it’s not that, then Darlolo.. and once in a while, I call him by his real name.

I don’t call him by any of his pet-names due to how endearing I find him (although I do, very much so) but because there’s a funny story to it. Well, there was then.
Now I’ve gotten so used to calling him by those names, I hardly find them funny or amusing anymore. Calling him by those has become so normal, they are simply his names.

It’s similar when people call me Yinkus, Pinkus, Pinks, Pinky etc. No one thinks of what the name means anymore or where it came from. Now, I’m simply Pinkus. It’s a given; almost a kind-of fact. There is only one (real) Pinkus, and you will all agree: that’s me!

And so I thought about it.. The names we give ourselves.. the names we give God.

When I first gave my life to Him fully, I battled much with my sexual past. Not playing a blame- but rather shame-game. And then I heard Him loud and clear, “I am your Purifier.”
I don’t know how to describe it, but it felt like being literally cleansed by the blood, purified. And there it was: freedom! And so, whenever I think of Him (even today), I think of Him as my Purifier, and feel free. It reminds me of many things.. Where I came from, how valuable it is to be free. Whose I was always meant to be.


How many names do we call Him that hardly mean anything to us? We call Him Jireh, Rohi, Rapha, Nisi. How many of us truly know what these names mean? How many of us know their literal and/or figurative meaning? How many of us even know how to pronounce them properly? The other day I heard someone sing “Lord, I exhaust you” and had to wonder whether she even knew what she was saying/ singing. How many of us call Him names because we’ve heard someone else call Him those? Sure, God sees the heart.. but why not just keep it simple? Make it personal? Speak to Him in a language you understand; be real; be you? Why not call Him a name that actually means something.. to you?!

Hannah was the first woman to call God Jehovah Sabaoth (1 Samuel 1) and this morning I thought about it deeper. Sabaoth, the Lord of hosts. Are we really aware of the dept of that statement? The Lord of hosts. The one who controls the heavenly armies, the earthly ones, all living and non-living things. The one who rules over all and everything, both good and evil. Isn’t this beautifully comforting? A God so strong, he can choose to use both righteous and unrighteous to accomplish His plans. You see, He really doesn’t need us for anything, He just wants us! At the end of the day, He still is Lord over all. All that has been defined and is yet to be defined. All that exists and does not (yet) in the life that is and/or is to come.

There is so much more in Him.. in you! The only one name He ever gave Himself was “YHVH”, I AM. A friend of mine pointed this out passionately in one of her writings. Every other name was given Him by man; they were circumstantial. Very much like we still name children these days: “Abosede” because she was born on a Sunday; or “Tokunbo” because he was born abroad. Maybe it’s time to get real and give Him a name that means something to you. If it does to you, it will to Him too!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I will begin recommending this blog… 🙂

    I had to search for some terms myself, example “Abba father” used in one of hillsongs hits.. People kept using without knowing what it means.

    Thing is most of us are merely copy and paste Christians. We internalize anything we are told as a dummy would, neglecting the inherent human nature of “questioning-to know”..

    It is well…. Good job Pinkus, or pink, or pinky.. Lol… Officially a fan… #bless

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      Lol! Thanks 🙂

      ..copy/paste Christians.. unfortunately, too true!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely amazing,and something I had never truly thought about deeply, I had of course thought of the name and all, and even revel in the fact that HE has a special nickname for me, but never that about it en-reverse, thanks

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