Alright, so today a really brief post:

I’ve had a tiny bit of fun so far, and a few places I keep going back to:

  • Paris Deli
  • Cafe Vergnano (aka Double 4)
  • and Wheatbaker!!!

So, naturally, I go wherever I go, to try and to test; and then, should I love it enough.. I go back, and back, and back again..hoping someone or -two will tag along. Today, I’m once again sharing this information, because I want you to go there too! It offers a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere with little noise and quite a bit of class. It’s rather enchanting, you see. The staff is nice; both indoors and outdoors vecinities are kept clean at all times, and the food is more than just apetizing!
Be like me: ask for anything complementary/aka free, and see them bring it with a smile. (Goes for anywhere you go, really!)

Here a picture..

pinkus at wheatbaker

4 Lawrence Road,
Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria


One Comment Add yours

  1. FranP says:

    Hahaha, are they paying you?

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