The Christian’s Mark



I know it’s been an awfully long time since I blogged last, and I’ve not actually come to say anything.. Nothing much, anyway. It’s been rather busy and hectic over here: more so in my mind, and I’ve found it a bit difficult to write. Or, well, maybe I’ve just been too lazy to.

Moving on, although I’m much of a traditional reader (if such a thing exists. If not, then it does now..) and so I’ve always (had to) question(ed) the idea of electronic reading devices (minus phone and pcs) such as the kindle and co. Of course everything has its pros and cons; and for that very reason we shall not be going into them at all. What I will say, however, is that the free pc version of amazon’s kindle is the best thing after repellents! And yes, I say so because there are a million and one (not literally) books you can download and read for free on your pee-cee. From romantic Victorian classics to old Christian literature and general must-haves-must-reads; in turn, you can get them all for free. And so, yes just for that simple reason alone, it is rather awesome indeed!

And so, in my happy, jolly, positive and godly mood, I have decided to share an extremely brief excerpt of one of the ebooks I started “reading” today, A Practical Directory for Young Female Christians. I really haven’t read much of the book at all (I am on page 8, page 1-7 being the index pages) but what I’ve read so far I quite like and have hence decided to share..

The Christian's Mark

More on this very topic from me tomorrow..


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