Mr. & Mrs. Ore!!

Alright so I have been very busy spending time with family and friends who flew in for my sister’s wedding. It would be a lie to say anything other than we’ve all been having an absolutely awesome time!!

I’ve been a bit of a boring Mary since I moved to Lagos, so what better time than now to go out, have fun, and simply par-teeeeey with loved ones?!

Well, we did just that: we went out (a lot), had fun (a lot) and par-taid (a lot) over the past couple of days… all in preparation, anticipation, celebration and jubilation of Mr. & Mrs. Ore!! I took some absolutely wonderful pictures, which I hope to share as soon as I can figure out what’s wrong with my crapberry; so for now just enjoy this sneak peek!! The bride looked dazzling, the bridesmaids stunning, the groom dapper and his men on point too! It was just great! *dancing*

The follwoing (official) pictures were taken by the amazing Wani Olatunde (check her work out here!)

..and a few more pics 😀


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  1. Mikel Egusi says:

    Awww!! beauriful wedding!! Congrats to the newly weds!
    Yinkus, when we will have preparation, anticipation, celebration and jubilation over your own wedding? 😉

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      LOL! Thanks..
      Well, my daddy begged me to “defer by at least a year” as he is exhausted and needs some breathing space.
      I caught the bouquet and was told “this time next year we shall all gather again for your own” lol so I want to believe it will be some time in the near future *dancing*

      How have you been??

  2. abs says:

    It looks like your brother had been crying; seeing big sis leaving. Lol

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