Get Back On Track

I enjoy reading. Very much so. But I enjoy learning even more.
And then again, much more than that, I enjoy seeing myself apply that which I have learnt to situations and generally life itself.

Let’s call it growth.

You see, I like taking stock, account of things. I take pleasure in looking back; comparing the “was” to the “is” and hopefully (eventually) being able to tap myself on the shoulder with a sense of, well, pride.
It’s peace-giving; knowing that no experience was wasted, no pain in vain. And so, I seek out opportunities to read, learn, grow all the time. Constantly.
But then life has a way of “just happening”; and so, once in a while, without even actively looking, such opportunities decide to present themselves to me. To present themselves to YOU!

And so, in anticipation to see and hear and hope you click this, I have decided to share the following intro to something something by John C. Maxwell (yep, as usual.. and no, I’m still not getting paid for this..) with you.

When was the last time you went for a Sunday drive? That’s not a really popular activity these days, but it sure was when I was growing up. And it was the favorite activity of the Raimeys, some wonderful neighbors I had as a kid. It was pretty common for Mr. Raimey to say, “Come on everybody. Let’s pack up the car and go for a ride,” as he rounded up the family, and occasionally a neighbor kid like me who was playing over at their house. And off we’d go. We lived in Circleville, Ohio, and our Sunday drive would take us to exotic places such as Lancaster, Chillicothe, or even Columbus. It seemed like a great adventure. Mr. Raimey would just drive the dirt roads and highways that wound through the farms and fields of central Ohio. We never knew for sure what we might see.

Those Sunday drives were a lot of fun. And if we were lucky, as we drove around we’d come across a little country store on the highway. Mr. Raimey would stop the car, and we’d all pile out so that he and Mrs. Raimey could buy each of us a Coke or an ice cream. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. But to tell you the truth, over the years, I’ve met a lot of people who treat life a lot like a Sunday drive. They seem to be saying, “Let’s just go, and we’ll see where we end up.” They’re willing to let life take them anywhere it wants to. I’m no scientist, but I’ve noticed that gravity tends to pull everything down. And without some planning and direction, a person’s life can do the same thing.

Think about what is involved in taking a long trip by car. Let‘s say, for example, you decide to go to Chicago from Dallas. If you’ve never taken that trip before, you wouldn’t simply hop in the car and say, “I know Chicago is north of Dallas, so I’ll take the first road I can find that goes north and start driving.” That wouldn’t make any sense at all. No, first you’d look at a map, GPS, or your smartphone; consider the different routes you could take; and decide on the best one, based on what kinds of roads you wanted to travel and what you’d like to see along the way.

A journey doesn’t just take care of itself. You have to plan it. If you just start driving, there’s no telling where you’ll end up. But when you plan ahead and know where you’re going, you can not only successfully make the journey – you can do it in good time and enjoy the trip along the way.

Every trip needs to be broken down into smaller segments to be more manageable. Goals are like points on a map. Each one leads to the next and takes you farther in the right direction. Together, they set you on a course that leads toward your destination. And if you take a wrong turn along the way, you know it, and can easily make adjustments to get back on track.

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