You make my heart skip a beat!!

Alright, so I came across this guy a while ago and so totally fell in love with him!

He’s not super tall, super dark, super handsome or any of that. No, he’s not; but he is super special still! Why? Well, he’s probably the only guy who has managed to actually make my heart beat faster without even trying. I get excited when I see him, am around him; and so.. today, I shall tell you about him.

I like him. I admire him. I perhaps even love him.

I’ve mentioned him before.

A couple of nights ago a friend of mine and I attended a BBQ. House, lovely. Food, alright. Men, married. And so I sat down, minding my own business, until he caught my attention.

No way! 0_o Xavier Rey?

I had to get up and draw closer; inspect those three pictures hanging down the wall. Could this really be? No doubt, his finger print was all over it. The pictures. Those were his handiwork! Right here in Lagos, in Nigeria.. Xavier Rey ?! And I say this without any ridicule or mockery. I don’t mean to say Nigerians are not exposed to “Western” photographers. I was just so totally amazed, as I have not ever (not even in Europe) come across another Xaxier Rey admirer!

Walking back to my seat with a bright smile, I couldn’t help but feel glad to be here, there, almost unworthy. The night might have “made sense” after all..

A couple of Twins Seven Seven paintings hang in my friend’s house. When I walked passed them first, my heart skipped a beat. Nothing just makes my heart beat faster, and so I knew there was more to it. There had to be. Not until I drew closer did I recognize them as his. Asking her (for yes, I needed to be reassured I wasn’t dreaming, and I needed to share my passion with another human) she responded by saying she knew nothing about fine artists; nor did she want to be educated about them. Recoiling into a corner, I feel I’ve been sitting there ever since- until the BBQ, that is.

It’s funny, almost strange. The power of paintings. The emotions they awaken, the passions they stir. So much life in oil on canvas. It’s beautiful!


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  1. so much ooo my dear!!! gosh, thank God i’m not the only one fascinated by a good painting that happens to capture my heart or do something more to me..that ink/paint spilled on canvas is so powerful. its like what we writers do in our own world that they do….it can only be expressed through painting and the creator does the same for us through nature

    1. DeMorrieaux says:

      He does through so many things, indeed..
      Thanks for stopping by!

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