The Art of Journeying Alone..

Businesses. Friendships. Relationships.
They are all partnerships.
Unions made alive and effective through the joining of at least two.

People enter into relationships for numerous reasons.
For benefits and perks.
Love and acceptance.
For companionship.
For understanding.

But never really for simply being.

“Can two work together unless they agree?”

In a partnership I want to be understood, perhaps at least as much as I want to be loved.
But effectively, I want to be both. You see, I have reasons of my own.

That’s why I have been giving so much too.
Understanding and love.

Understanding people, and loving them for or in-spite of who they are.
It’s never hard for me, you see. Understanding and loving people.
Perhaps it comes from understanding, loving and accepting self.

It’s really not that hard.

At least, that’s what I used to think. For of recent, I found that in most cases it is either or.
In cases pertaining to me.

I’ve prayed to see people through His lens, His eyes.
To not judge or change, but simply love.
And so, sometimes my look is distant.

Undivided attention.
Sometimes, I am the only one who sees.
Who understands and who loves anyway.

Situations. People. Challenges. Life.

Sometimes it looks as though you have found someone you can share discoveries with.
Share life with.
Someone you can journey with.

But eventually, you go on that journey alone.
Right now I journey alone.
And I’ve learnt not to mind.

I guess that makes the difference.


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  1. It seems this poetry is made of passion and from experience. I feel you. 🙂

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